FLBasketball: Forms

Handouts contains all the FLBC forms that you will need to review, acknowledge, and complete as a player, coach, or parent:
FLBC Playing Time Policy (Updated 2015)

FLBC Travel Playing Time v2015FLBC Travel Playing Time v2015

FLBC Recreational Basketball - Player Playing Time Policy

FLBC has adopted an “Equal Playing Time” policy for all recreational basketball participants.


Freetown Lakeville Basketball Club Code of Ethics

This is the code of ethics for all participants in any of the Freetown/Lakeville Basketball Club programs.


Player/Parent Contract

Must be reviewed, acknowledged, and signed by both player and parent(s) who wish to participant in any FLBC basketball program.


Coaching Application - Apply to Coach!!


Travel Tryouts Policy

Travel Tryouts PolicyTravel Tryouts Policy

Gymnasium Rules for ARHS, FLMS, GRAIS schools

General Policies for ARHS, FLMS, GRAIS Gymnasium Use.


Accident Report - Community Rec.

Coaches, Please print out a copy of this accident report and keep it in your med kit so it can be filled out ASAP if any player gets hurt in any Freetown-Lakeville gym. The report should come back to FLBC President along with a notification ASAP after the accident.


More Handouts: