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Fremont Football League - 49ers
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Mario Sousa
Fremont Football League, Inc
P.O. Box 624
Fremont, California

2004 Sabercats Logo
San Jose SaberCats
Internet home of the San Jose SaberCats, the 2004 Arena Bowl Champions. We are arranging group purchases for games in February and May.

Top Ten Sports Injuries
The most common sports-related injuries primarily are overuse injuries. As the name implies, an overuse injury results from wear and tear on the body, particularly on joints subjected to repeated activity.

Injury Prevention in Youth Football
A number of studies have investigated football injuries among children and adolescents, and the findings have been remarkably consistent. About 40% of all football injuries are from sprains and strains, 25% from contusions (bruises), 10% from fractures, and the remainder primarily from concussions and dislocations. These percentages are fairly constant throughout a variety of age ranges.

Football may be safer than you think
Organized football among 5- to 15-year-olds has fewer injuries per player than organized soccer for the same ages. That's right, fewer injuries. And organized football is a lot safer than activities that kids do all the time, including bike riding and skateboarding

The Prevention of Injuries in Amateur Football
It is the position of the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness, Health and Sports that informing the public about safe practices is essential for reducing injuries in amateur sports. Football is a highly physical sport. It is inevitable that some injuries will occur in football. However, there are measures that can reduce the risk that injuries will occur or minimize the severity of injuries. A summary of these measures is presented below. It is acknowledged that it would not be feasible for every athletic program in Michigan to adopt every known preventive measure. However, knowing the best thinking available on safe football practices is the first step toward minimizing injuries.

Overuse Injuries in Children and Adolescents
With the growth of youth sports programs, overuse injuries in young people have become common. Making the diagnosis can be challenging, but often the real hurdles are in identifying the causes of injury. Growth-related factors require special considerations in injury management. A directed history assessing these and other causative factors and a systematic exam help formulate a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Recommendations for a successful return to activity and prevention of reinjury include avoiding heavy training loads and early sport-specific training, taking adequate rest periods, and ensuring proper supervision.

Welcome To MomsTeam!
I know first hand just how all-consuming being a sports mom often is in this day and age of year-round organized sports. I have spent countless hours: shuttling kids back and forth to and from practices and games; standing in the sidelines in good weather and bad; going to the sporting goods store to buy cleats, the most flexible Lax gloves, or new stick; slicing oranges and filling water jugs for halftime; collecting money from parents for coaches gifts, pizza parties, registration fees, and trophies; or sitting around for hours waiting for the next game to start at a three-day holiday tournament at the same time working a full timer job in the Advertising industry.

San Francisco 49'ers
Home of the NFL 49'ers.

Fremont Football & Cheer
Internet home of the Fremont Football League.

Football America
Football America takes over as the preferred vendor for the league for 2003. They are a youth football equipment vendor. Justin Cady is the contact for this region. He has been very supportive of our team.

Alpine Awards
Alpine Awards is the preferred vendor for apparel and awards. Our contact is Kathleen and her number is 510-429-3839.

City of Fremont
The city of Fremont is a vibrant and diverse community with a population of over 200,000. Nestled at the base of Mission Peak on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay, Fremont offers numerous leisure and recreational activities.

National Alliance for Youth Sports
The goal of the National Alliance for Youth Sports is to make sports safe and positive for America's youth

California Youth Football
A collection of links related to youth football teams and associations in California. You may want to check this out to see what other teams are doing.

Northern California Sports Alliance
The Northern California Sports Alliance is dedicated to the athletic and mental development of our youth through football and cheerleading. We conduct all organizational activities while embracing a single-team concept.

**** This appears to be a league with teams in Folsom, Elk Grove, Nevade City, and other towns in that general area. I included this link because they are a good example of a (semi-)local league. ****

Football Camps at Offense-Defense
If you are looking for football camps, youth football camps, college football camps or summer kicking camps, then you have come to the right place. is the #1 rated provider of football camps with a full line up of NFL coaches and football players. Approved by the National Football League Coaches Association, Offense Defense
offers summer football camps and quarterback football training camps.

ASC Football Camps
ASC Contact Football Camp is the top rated instructional camp for beginners to veterans stressing conditioning and football technique for every position both individually and as a team.

Campers move from non-contact drills to full contact in a gradual progression, culminating with our final day "Live" scrimmage. Each camper practices with and learns from NFL pros and coaches, as well as college coaches from top football schools across the country

NFL Junior Player Development
The National Football League has developed an introductory/ developmental youth tackle football program for boys 12-14. The program is designed to teach every participant, every position, through a step-by-step progression of skill instruction packaged in a re-adaptive, fun and entertaining manner.

All participants receive instruction from NFL selected high school coaches from the local market.

All participants receive counseling through a life skills/character development curriculum to be incorporated throughout all on-field activities. Every week a different life skill message is designated as a theme for that particular week. Each theme is addressed through the context of football. Instructors will make connections between life skills as they are applied in football as well as other areas of life, especially school, at home and in the community.

NFL Youth Football
The NFL Youth Programs have been developed during the past seven years to help kids and their families have an enjoyable experience every time they step on a football field.

We offer current and future youth football coaches suggestions that will help you promote a positive experience for all participants.

The NFL has asked kids, parents, and coaches about their likes, dislikes, and concerns not only with playing football but the overall youth sports experience. As a result of this research, we developed SEVEN GUIDING PRINCIPLES that make up an overall philosophy that we apply to all NFL Youth Programs.

Fremont Football League - 49ers
Fremont Football League - 49ers
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