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Wednesday, December 2

Welcome to the home page for the Franklin County High School Varsity Swim Team!


2015-2016 Season

Swimming is a Winter Varsity Sport.  The first practice of the 2015-2015 Season will be on Monday 9 November 2015 beginning at 4:00 pm at the YMCA in Rocky Mount.  There will be a shuttle bus from the high school to and from the YMCA.  

We are always looking for swimmers, and welcome all middle school students to come out for the team as well. Middle school students can participate in all meets with the exception of championship and invitational meets and will be considered Junior Varsity Swimmers.

We will need a lot of help from parents for the four home swim meets. We need timers (don't worry we will train you), runners, score keepers and various other things. 

Please volunteer to help......The success of the swim team depends on YOU!!!! 

Are you a positive sports parent? If you are a swim parent the answer is yes!!!  But,  If you want to learn more how to become even more of a positive sports parent click this link

NFHS Learning Center -- Positive Sports Parent



Saturday, January 16

The end-of-season banquet is scheduled for Tuesday 1 March 2016 beginning 6:00 pm.  Thebanquet is a pot luck dinner and everyone is asked to bring a covered dish to share.   Please make enough for your family and 4 or more additional servings.   If you want to bring a dessert please being that in addition to a covered dish.  

 All swimmers and family members are invited to attend.  This is a very fun night where we honor the hard work of the team during the season.  

DATE:  1 MARCH 2016

START TIME:  6:00 PM (please come at 5:00 if you can help set up)

PLACE:  FAITH FELLOWSHIP COMMUNITY BUILDING, Wirtz Road (Corner of Wirtz Road & Route 220 across from Plateau Plaza)

Wednesday, December 2

Swimmers academic grades will be checked next week for sports eligibility.  Swimmers must pass at least three of four block credits, and if on a hybred schedule pass at least  5 credits.  11th and 12th grade swimmers must be a full time student in the second semester as defined by the VHSL (take at least 3 block classes or 5 credits).  Please speak with Coach Graboski if you are at risk of not being eligile.  

Monday, November 9

Today is the official start of the Franklin County High School Varsity Swim Teams season!  High School and Middle School students will be at the YMCA every Mondayursday beginning tody to train for the season.

Let's go Eagles!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 28
2015-16 FCHS Parent & Swimmer handbook is published

The 2015-16 FCHS Varsity Swim Team Parent/Swimmer handbook is published.  Please review the information in the handbook and bring the parent information sheet to either the Tuesday or Thursday meeting.  Rules for the team are in the book.  

Let's have a great season!!! 

Handout: FCHS 2015 Parent & Swimmer Handbook

Friday, October 23
FCHS Eagles Varsity Swim Team

Upcoming Practices
Date Event Time Location
Mon 2/8 Swimmer Regular Practice 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM Rocky Mount YMCA
Tue 2/9 Swimmer Regular Practice 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM Rocky Mount YMCA
Wed 2/10 Swimmer Regular Practice 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM Rocky Mount YMCA
Thu 2/11 Swimmer Regular Practice 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM Rocky Mount YMCA
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