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Tuesday, November 26

Welcome to the home page for the Franklin County High School Varsity Swim Team! 


2013-2014 Season

Swimming is a Winter Varsity Sport.  The first practice of the 2013-14 Season will be on Monday 11 November 2013 at 4:00 pm at the YMCA in Rocky Mount.  There will be a shuttle bus from the high school to and from the YMCA.  Details will be announced later.  We are always looking for swimmers, and welcome all middle school students to come out for the team as well.  Middle school students can participate in all meets with the exception of championship and invitational meets.  

We will need a lot of help from parents for the four home swim meets. We need timers (don't worry we will train you), runners, score keepers and various other things. 

Please volunteer to help......The success of the swim team depends on YOU!!!! 



Thursday, January 16

The Eagles traveled to Bedford to swim Staunton River and Lord Botetourt High Schools on 16 January 2014.  

The men's team lost to Lord Botetourt 141 to 90 as did the Women's Team with a score of 130 to 122 

The men's team defeated Staunton River 90 to 36 and the women's also won their meet against Staunton River 122 to 43.

 Top swimmers at the meet for the Eagles were:


  •  Rylee Borellis, 2nd  place in the 100 Freestyle with a time of 1:08.80 which was 2.45 seconds less than her best time
  • Michael Brown, 2nd in the 200 Freestyle with a time of 2:26.48 showing a 1.35 second improvement
  •  Ben Elwell added .21 to his 50 free but still finished 1st with a time of 24.05 and he dropped .59 seconds and finished 2nd in the 100 backstroke with a time of 58.09 
  • Nora Ferguson took 1st in the 50 freestyle with a time of 27.50 wich was .52 second slower than her best time, and finished 2nd place in the 100 backstroke with a time of 1:13.18 which was only .18 slower than her best.
  • Kimberley Fike dropped 8.02 seconds and took 3rd place in the 100 Butterfly with a time of 1:34.06
  • Tyler Jones took 3rd in the 100 Freestyle with a time of 1:04.83 which was 1.21 seconds slower than his best.
  • Rachael Knick took 3rd place in the 500 Freestyle with a time of 8.23.01
  • Seth Ledbetter took 3rd in the 200 Free with a time of 2:54.02 and 3rd in the 100 backstroke with a time of 1:31.22
  • Jordan Montgomery took 2nd place in the 500 Freestyle with a time of 7:15.05 after dropping a whopping 28.03 seconds
  • Sarah Perry came in 3rd in the 200 Medley and dropped 3.46 seconds finishing with a time of 3:03.87
  • Anna Richardson took 3rd n both the 50 Free (time 31.58) and the 100 Backstroke (time 1:23.60)
  • Lydia Sarbin dropped 1.98 seconds from her 100 Breaststroke time and finished first (time 1:28.87) and took 3rd in the 100 Freestyle with a time of 1:10.50
  • Sydney Wright took 1st in the 200 Freestyle with a time of 2:37.58
  • Tyler Wunderlich took 1st in the 100 Breaststroke (2:38.35) and 2nd in the 200 Medley (time 2:38.35)
The Eagles last home meet of the season will be on Friday January 24 at which time we will honor or Senior swimmers.
Full results of the meet are below 


Handout: RESULTS 16 JANUARY 2014

Thursday, December 19
Team falls to Hidden Valley

The Eagles traveled to the Gator Center in Roanoke to compete against Hidden Valley on 17 December.  Both the Men and Women's teams lost to Hidden Valley in spite of some great swims by individuals.

The top time dropped goes to Angela Dorss who placed 3rd in the 200 freestyle AND dropped a whopping 26 seconds from her best time.

Ben Elwell placed 1st in the 100 Back and 3rd in the 50 Free

Nora Ferguson placed 2nd in both the 50 Free and 100 Back

Seth Ledbetter placed 3rd in the 200 Free

Jordan Montgomery placed 3rd in the 500 Free

Tyler Wunderlich placed 2nd in the 100 Breast.

Our next meet will be on 10 January 2014 when we travel to Martinsville to swim Danville. 

Full results are attached. 

Handout: RESULTS 17 DECEMBER 2013

Tuesday, December 10

The Eagles hosted Martinsville High School and Lord Botetourt High Schools in a double dual meet on 10 December 2013.  

 The Boys team defeated Lord Botetourt 46 to 44 but fell to Martinsville 44 to 45.

The Girls team defeated Martinsville 73 to 18 and Lord Botetourt 49 to 45.

Ben Elwell took 1st place in both of his events, the 50 Freestyle and the 100 Backstroke

Nora Ferguson also took 1st in both her eventsk, the 50 Freestyle and the 100 Backstroke

Other top swimmers were:


Rylee Borellis, 2nd in both 100 Free and 100 Back

Michael Brown 3rd in 100 Free

Brianna Cox, 2nd in 200 Free

Angela Dorss, 3rd in 200 Free

Kimberly Fike, 2nd 100 Butterfly

Tyler Jones, 2nd 100 Breaststroke

Rachael Knick, 3rd 500 Free

Jordan Montgomery, 3rd 500 Free

Emma Sarbin, 3rd 100 Breaststroke

Lydia Sarbin, 3rd 200 Medley, 2nd 100 Breaststroke

Tyler Sykes, 3rd 200 Medley

Sydney Wright, 1st 100 Free

Tyler Wunderlich, 1st 100 Breaststroke and 2nd 100 Butterfly

Full results are available through the link below 




Handout: RESULTS 10 DECEMBER 2013

Sunday, December 8

The FCHS Varsity Swim Team traveled to Christi nsburg to compete in the annual S.W. Virginia High School Invitational. 38 Teams and over 700 swimmers competed in this event.  Teams from all over the Commonwealth of Virginia and neighboring states represented their schools.   The event was a USA Swimming observed event and was hosted by the Pulaski High School Swim Team.  

 Ribbons were given out for the top 16 places in each individual event, and the top 8 places for relay events.  The top 16 individual and relay events earned points for their respective teams.  

Top individual finishers for the FCHS Eagles were: 

  • Ben Elwell 3rd place in the 100 backstroke with a time of 58.68 and 11th in the 50 freestyle with a time of 23.84.  
  • Nora Ferguson 9th place in the the 50 freestyle with a time of 27.59. 

Top relay teams for the Eagles were:  

  • Mens 200 Medley Relay (each swam 50 years of their assigned stroke) finished 14th with a time of 2:00.69.  Swimming in the relay were Backstroke, Ben Elwell; Breaststroke, Tyler Wunderlich; Butterfly, Tyler Jones; Freestyle, Jordan Montgomery. 
  • Mens 200 Freestyle Relay (each swam 50 yards of freestyle) finished 16th with a time of 1:46.49.  Swimming in the relay were Jordan Montgomery, Tyler Wunderlich, Tyler Jones and Ben Elwell.  
The women's 200 Freestyle Relay swam well with a time of 2:02.51 and a finish of 18th.  Swimming in the relay were Rylee Borellis, Anna Richardson, Emma Sarbin and Nora Ferguson.
The full results may be found by click the link below

Handout: Results SW Invitational 12/7/13

Thursday, October 10

This year the team will be going to a different design suit.  If you have a red or black suit you may still use it, but if you want the new one contact Tracy at the Swim Shop 540-774-2066 to order.   

It is a black/red and white colorblock with our logo on it. In order to get the suit back in time for our first meet on 4 December you MUST place your order with the Swim Shop by November 20.  Every swimmer must have either a new or old style swim suit in order to participate in meets.

 The price is $44.60 for females and $36.90 for males. 

Tuesday, January 28
FCHS Eagles Varsity Swim Team

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