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Thursday, November 20
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Frederick American Little league is an all volunteer organization that provides a fun, safe environment for the youth of Frederick to experience the game of baseball. Our focus is to encourage participation, develop character, promote teamwork, and develop league and community pride. We strive to provide age appropriate instruction in the development of baseball skills, sportsmanship, competitiveness and fair play. Frederick American Little league is committed to fostering a love of the game as well as teaching respect of all players and officials. We follow the principles of the Positive Coaching Alliance in support of this mission. 





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Sunday, November 23, 2014

SITE:  C. Burr Artz Library, Trust Conference Room

1:00 Start

Special Meeting to discuss board applications



Sunday, December 7, 2014

SITE:  TBD Check Back for location

4:00 Start Time

All meetings are open for all members of the league  





Chapter 9: “The Reasons We Still Play.” In our final chapter, we pause to reflect on what makes Frederick American the special league that it is and ponder the question of why we keep taking the field after 60 Opening Days and counting. What keeps us involved in this game called baseball, investing in the youth of our community, and creating on- the- field memories that last a lifetime? For instance, the author of this piece hasn't played since I took the final swing of the 1978 Frederick American season (a fastball in the dirt that I had no business swinging at for Strike 3, incidentally) and my own two children suited up for the last time in July of 2008. But yet I continue to be drawn not only to the history of the league, but to volunteering time for photographing game action and participating in league fundraising events. Why is that and why have others stepped forward year after year with their own gifts to offer?

In the early days, David Grove and Charles Lewis Sr were two who stepped forward to coach the Tall Cedars and the Elks, respectively, and both still live in Frederick, now into their 80s and 90s. Robert Heller Sr, a career fire fighter, volunteered for seven years starting in the late 50s and early 60s to guide the Amvets through their early years in the league. People like these have made Frederick American great. While in 1970, a young Hal Hawkins would emerge as manager of the Elks club. By the time he retired in 1985 (to watch his own kids play in the league) he had been manager of the Elks, league president, District 2 Administrator, and his wife Sharon had served as leauge president also. Brothers Larry and Frank Yanos guided Sertoma and the Amvets through most of the 1970s while the father-son duo of former postmaster, James Grove and his son, Jerry volunteered as umpires throughout the decade. People like these have made Frederick American great!

Many individuals have stepped forward to coach and umpire, but it’s the investment of local service organizations and businesses that continue to financially assist in the league’s many operating expenses. Businesses like One- Hour Martinizing, Donald B Rice Tire Co, Colonial Jewelers, and the Oxco Fibre Brush Company; Service organizations like the Tall Cedars, the Moose Club, and the trio of the Elks Lodge, The Amvets, and Sertoma, who have collectively sponsored 163 different teams in the league’s 60 year history. Our sponsors throughout the Frederick area have made Frederick American great!

Additionally, it’s not just the parents of current players that fill the ranks of volunteers. Todd Palm, for instance, spent four or five years in the early 1980s as the press-box announcer and league statistician. A local college student and Frederick native, he came to games six days a week, announced every game from the press-box, compiled every league player’s stats, and hand-carried every game result to the Frederick News-Post for publication in the following day’s edition of the paper. Or perhaps the late Buddy Myers, who was involved in youth baseball for three decades and spent many evenings in his retirement riding his bicycle (with dual rear baskets) over to Angleberger Park and sitting along the right field line. He knew every player by name, and when you made a great play, you could hear his cry break through the applause and cheers as he excitedly called out your name. People like these have made Frederick American great!

As we’ve reached more recent years, folks like Allen Witmer have stepped forward in his role as umpire. Allen’s been calling games since the year 2000, despite that his own son has been done playing for almost a decade now. Yet Allen remains working with as much dedication as when his own son was playing. These are the people that make Frederick American great!

But as the saying goes, every organization of this nature is only a single generation from extinction if no one steps forward to fill the spaces of those that lead today. Someday, today's leaders will be gone. Perhaps the Sertomas, Elks, and Amvets will be gone too. Frederick American needs you. Is little league baseball in your blood? Do you sell hotdogs in your sleep at night or run a scoreboard in your dreams? Have you been caught at work thinking about coaching or stood in front of your bathroom mirror to practice calling a batter out after strike three? Or do you aspire to serve on the board or maybe talk your employer or service organization into sponsoring a team? And when the waters of Carroll Creek start rising, do you feel a persistent urging from deep inside to drop everything, grab your garden rake and waders and head for Angleberger in crisis mode? If so, Frederick American wants you. You are the future of this league and tomorrow’s leaders and volunteers.

You are a part of the next 60 years and you, are WHAT MAKES FREDERICK AMERICAN GREAT!




Please see the Handouts section for list of winners from this year's raffles at the Hit-A-Thon

Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Sun 11/23 star Special Meeting 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM C Burr Artz Library
Sun 12/7 star League / Board Meeting 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM TBA
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