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Friday, October 3
Phenom East Campers Haunt Mid-night Madness!!!

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A Night of Madness

By: Rob Taylor


For as long as most fans can remember, Rick Barrett has been hosting his Gym Rat Midnight Madness All-Star event. In years past, Barrett's event has attracted a who's who in high school hoops. The event's NBA alumni list includes household names such as Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady, Stephon Marbury, Rip Hamilton, TJ Ford, Jameer Nelson, and Carlos Boozer just to name a few. In the last couple of years this event has hosted the likes of Tyreke Evans, Derrick Favors, BJ Mullens, Dexter Strickland, Yancy Gates, and Michael Gilchrist.
Over the course of the day long event, a total of seven all-star games were played starting with the "Baby Ballers" game for 5th and 6th graders, the "Middle School Elite" game for 7th and 8th graders, the "True Ballers" game for freshman and sophomores, the "Elite" game for local juniors and seniors, the "Best of the Best" game for more highly ranked juniors and seniors, the "Junior All-American" and "All-American" games which featured nationally ranked players from around the region and nation.
Prior to the conclusion of the event, several were presented with awards as the top players in their respective classes. The award winners included: Maalik Wayns, Tamir Jackson, and Aaric Murray (top seniors), Tony Chenault, and Daniel Alexander (top juniors), and Stevie Taylor as the top sophomore.
*All-American Game
*Red Roster:
Cezar Guerrero (2011), Aaric Murray (co-mvp), Josh Freelove, Max Hooper, John Johnson, Malcolm Gilbert, Dion Houston, Daniel Alexander, and Tamir Jackson (co-mvp).
*White Roster:
Stevie Taylor (2011), Tony Chenault (2010), Maalik Wayns (2009, co-mvp), Isaiah Philmore (2009), Khalif Wyatt (2009), Shaquille Duncan (2009), Devin Long, Savon Goodman (2011), and Piotrowski (2011).
*Top Performer Notes:
Aaric Murray, (2009) a 6'11 C was simply unstoppable in the big game, and his 27 point outburst was a game high. Opponents of La Salle in the A-10 better be ready as Murray should be an impact player from day one.
Maalik Wayns, (2009) a 6'1 combo guard from Philadelphia's Roman Catholic HS and recent Villanova commit, was absolutely spectacular. Wayns, a solidly built guard, had little trouble getting to the rack once he made up his mind to do so by using his combination of skill, strength and a tight handle. Wayns put up a team high 22 points and was named co-mvp.
Tony Chenault, (2010) a 6'0 floor general from Neumann-Goretti HS in Philly, and Wake Forest commit, slashed his way to 19 points. Chenault is a strong and agressive guard who simply powers his way to the rim.
Daniel Alexander, (2010) a 6'6 WF from Drippins Springs, TX had a big game and was his teams second leading scorer with 19 points.
Two sophomores in the game, Stevie Taylor, a 5'9 PG from Gahanna Lincoln HS (OH), and Cezar Guerrero, a 6'0 PG from St. John Bosco HS (CA), added a little spice to the game, as two of the top PG's in the 2011' class went head-to-head in this game. Both players have great speed and quickness, seem to have the ball on a string, and the ability to score the ball in bunches. On this night they played to a draw, as both elite PG's finished with 7 points a piece while making dazzling pass after pass.
*Jr. All-American Game
*Red Roster:
Tyrone Garland, Anthony Cannon, Dion Hudson, Rakeem Brookins, Derrick Williams, Luke Piotrowski, Aaron Brown, Shaquille Duncan (mvp), Jonathon Perry, David Stewart, Octavious Booker, and Juan'ye Green.
*White Roster:
Shannon Givens, Jacob Horton, Reggie Groves, Trevor Cooney, Savon Goodman, Markus Kennedy, Khalil Murphy, Derrick Parsley, George Harper, and Malcolm Gilbert (mvp).
*Top Performer Notes:
Shaquille Duncan,a 6'9 sophomore PF from Philly did not put up gaudy numbers, but his 10 points and solid post play earned him mvp honors.
Malcolm Gilbert, a 6'10 sophomore C from Academy of New Church HS had an outstanding game to the tune of a game high 17 points and co-mvp honors.
*Best of the Best Game
*Red Roster:
Jake Kocher, Reggie Burley, Noz Wynn, Tyreek Duren, Mike Newman, Daiquine Peterson, Octavious Booker (mvp), and George Harper.
*White Roster:
Joey Gripper, Willias Nicholson, Quasim Jones, DJ Irvine, Terrance Bob-Jones, Robert Mansell, Brian Parker (mvp), Elijah Carter, and Ryan Nalls.
*Top Performer Notes:
Octavious Booker, (2009) a 6'5 man-child from Friere HS, logged in as dominate a performance as any player the entire day. Booker finished with a double-double (18pts, 15rbs) on his way to MVP honors. Booker has a football player build and is as strong as an ox. Booker was agressive to the rim where he finished with regularity. As his skill set increases, look for Booker's recruitment to take off.
Other standouts in the game were Brian Parker Jr., who went for 16 points and was named co-mvp. Reggie Burley from Glasco HS in Deleware who matched Booker with 18 points. Tyreek Duren (2009) from Neumann-Goretti HS scored 14 points, and Joey Gripper (2011) began the game on contributed 15 points.
*True Ballers Game
*Red Roster:
Keith Taylor, Treyvon Barker, Byron Whitting, Carlton Wright, Jack Rauchet, Maurice Counts, Will Lennon, Frank Smalls, Devondre Peeples, Julian Welsh-White, and Ameen Tanksley (mvp).
*White Roster:
Malcolm Sterling (mvp), Curtis Mack Jr., Jermaine Feaster, Sunny Toye, Amile Jefferson, Lloyd Neeley, Norell Johnson, Victor Tubbs, Jerome Gundy, Scott Slade, Chris Lewis, and Andre Horn.
*Top Performer Notes:
Ameen Tanksley, a 6'4 sophomore WG from Prep Charter HS in Philly was impressive in this game and scored a team high 11 points in route to mvp honors. Tanksley is  very athletic, runs the floor well and has a non-stop motor. He is a willing and able passer with great court vision. He has great form on his jump shot and with his length and athleticism, he does a good job of finishing at the rim.
Malcolm Sterling, a 5'8 freshman PG from King HS (MI) scored a game high 16 points and grabbed mvp honors in the process.
Other players to keep an eye on include Frankie Small, a 6'4 sophomore from Trenton Catholic HS, was the second leading scorer on his team with 10 points, and Amile Jefferson, a 6'4 freshman from Friends Catholic HS dropped 12 points in the contest.
*Elite Game
*Red Roster:
Kevin Morris (mvp), Jarvis Perry, Maurice Jackson, Julian Stewart, Derrick Grovatt, Will Adams, Daniel Stewart, Terrell McCloud, and Davion Bringham.
*White Roster:
Baas Harvey, Bobby Harris, Jamere Briggs, Marquise Jones, Brendell Smith, Nick Moore, Rondre Kelly, Rodney Blunt, Marcus Davis (mvp), and Tyrell McCloud.
*Top Performer Notes:
Kevin Morris, a 5'9 PG from Malcolm X Shabazz HS (NJ), and Marcus Davis, a 6'7 PF from Woodbury, NJ were both top performers in this game.
*Middle School Elite Game
*Red Roster:
Jerron Love, Dwayne Foreman, Shep Garner, Isiah Powell, Austin Colbert (mvp), Shaq Townsend, Amir Middred, Devon Bell, Louis Hayes, Yusef Yacob and Aaron McGlown.
*White Roster:
Blake Sanders, Britton Lee, Tim Quashi, Dennis Cole, Waymere Murphy, Austin Tilghman, John Azzinaro, Sha Sha Matthews(mvp), Lorenz Thurman, Miles Overton, Ryan Bland, and Dylan Daniluk.
*Top Performer Notes:
Austin Colbert, a 6'7 eighth grader from Chesapeake, VA was as good a long-term prospect as any player at this event. Already 6'7, Colbert showed the kind of size and skill level that makes college coaches drool. The kid has obviously had someone working close with him as he showed an impressive array of advanced post moves. This kid did it all, including scoring in the low post, rebounding, blocking shots and running the floor with fluidity. Colbert does a good job of setting up in the post. He has a nice drop step move, and can spin either left or right and finish with a hook shot. Colbert is long and lean and appears to have a lot more room to grow. He keeps the ball high on the rebounds, has a nice, soft touch on his shot, and can hit the mid-range shot if left open. The kid has big-time game written all over him if he continues to work and develop. His game high 15 points earned him the MVP nod.
Sha Sha Matthews, a 5'5 PG from Stanton, Va, is a flashy little guard who can really score the ball. His handle is advanced for his age and he plays with a lot of poise. Matthews scored 13 points and was names co-mvp.
*This was a fantastic event that has withstood the test of time. Although college coaches are no longer able to attend as they were several years ago, participation in this event is still a big deal and it is still an honor to be selected to attend this event. To find out more info about this event you can visit their website at

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