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Thursday, November 20
Mission Statement and Bio



The Phenom East Camp strives to do differently, to do better, in every single aspect of its enterprise. The goal of the organization is two-fold: First, to provide quality basketball instruction and education to as many junior high and high school athletes and athletic families as possible—whether in the form of our camps ( Regional and Fundamental), player development programs, private and semi-private lessons, team camps, or variety of workshop and clinic sessions. These programs are designed to provide supreme quality via skills and technique training for players, mental training, support and guidance for parents on raising athletes, communicating with coaches, collegiate recruiting, etcetera through one of the most structured, open, and informative platforms in the country. Second, we aim to provide quality education and guidance to our coaches, players, and parents in the form of online, content-based videos, publications, workshops, seminars, reviews, assessments, etc. with the express purpose of increasing understanding of how to do things the right way. Simply stated, we want to bring as much product to the table—to provide as much value for you as we can—while fostering an environment of honesty and integrity, passion and enthusiasm, with strong values and a familiar feel.





Paul Gripper is a longtime travel team coach and teacher who has helped hundreds of youth basketball players make the transition from beginners who are just learning the game to full fledged  collegiate coveted student athletes. A Father of 3 young adults who all grew up loving and playing basketball in which 2 have had great careers at the High School and Collegiate levels with the youngest still playing with 2 years left.  Paul who played Varsity Basketball at Frankford High and Jr College Ball Camden County has become a staple in the Philadelphia basketball community over the last decade in a half. Having coached and help develop over 350 collegiate athletes including 3 Pro basketball players. Over the last 15 years has overseen and directed a successful basketball camp at West Chester University for 10 years. During this tenure, Paul had 2 current NBA players attend his very 1st regional camp, those young men were Michael Gilchrist and Kyle Anderson whom both were named Phenom East All-Regional All-Stars. Paul was responsible for bringing almost 100 kid's to the National Camp in San Diego during the early years of Phenom. Under Paul's strong leadership the Philly Phenom Camp alone has had over 1500 kid's attend it's camp over the last decade.

Coach Paul Gripper
Coach Paul and Coach Jay Wright