Englewood Little League: Handouts

Parental Concussion information

Parental Concussion informationParental Concussion information

2014 Sponsorship Form

2014 Sponsorship Form.pdf2014 Sponsorship Form.pdf

2013 ELL District Tournament Teams

2013 ELL District Tournament Teams2013 ELL District Tournament Teams

ELL 2013 Tournament Teams scheduleELL 2013 Tournament Teams schedule

District 8 Senior Tournamnet 2013District 8 Senior Tournamnet 2013

2013 Schedules

Boys T-Ball 2013Boys T-Ball 2013

Girls T-Ball 2013Girls T-Ball 2013

Girls Coach Pitch 2013Girls Coach Pitch 2013

Girls Majors 2013Girls Majors 2013

2013 Boys Coach Pitch Schedule2013 Boys Coach Pitch Schedule

2013 Boys Minors Schedule2013 Boys Minors Schedule

2013 Boys Majors Schedule2013 Boys Majors Schedule

2013 Senior Boys Schedule 4-30-20132013 Senior Boys Schedule 4-30-2013

2013 Big League Schedule2013 Big League Schedule

2013 Master Game Calendar 5-20-20132013 Master Game Calendar 5-20-2013

2013 Master Game Calendar 5-29-20132013 Master Game Calendar 5-29-2013

2013 Girls Coach Pitch Tournament2013 Girls Coach Pitch Tournament

Girls Minors 2013Girls Minors 2013

2013 Boys Coach Pitch Tournament2013 Boys Coach Pitch Tournament

2013 Minor Boys Tournament2013 Minor Boys Tournament

2013 Major Boys Tournament2013 Major Boys Tournament

2013 Senior Boys Tournament2013 Senior Boys Tournament

Volunteer App 2014

Please give forms to Mike Stoffel
All forms must have SSN# and a copy of your driver’s license.

Volunteer APP 2014  MUST HAVE SSNVolunteer APP 2014 MUST HAVE SSN

Medical Release Form

Medical Release Form 2013Medical Release Form 2013

Senior Practice Schedule 2013

Senior Practice Schedule 2013Senior Practice Schedule 2013

ELL Scholarship Application

ELL Scholarship Application.pdfELL Scholarship Application.pdf

ELL Boundaries

ELL BoundariesELL Boundaries

2013 Pitch Count Sheet

2013 Pitch Count sheet2013 Pitch Count sheet

Bat Bag

2013 Winter Bat Bag2013 Winter Bat Bag

2013 Final Winter Bat Bag2013 Final Winter Bat Bag

Pitch Count Sheet

Pitch Count SheetPitch Count Sheet

Capital Softball Camp

Capital Softball Camp 2013Capital Softball Camp 2013

2013 Pictures

Action Picture FormAction Picture Form

picture form 2012picture form 2012

2012 Picture Schedule2012 Picture Schedule

picture form 2013picture form 2013

2013 Picture Schedule2013 Picture Schedule

Web Site notes

ELL web site notesELL web site notes

ELL web site notes PDFELL web site notes PDF

2013 ELL Fundraiser Prize Winners

2013 Englewood Little League Prize Winne2013 Englewood Little League Prize Winne

ELL 2011 Program

2011 ELL Program2011 ELL Program

Team Rep - Welcome Letter Sample

Team Rep - Welcome LetterTeam Rep - Welcome Letter

Team Rep Meeting 2011

Team Rep Meeting 2011Team Rep Meeting 2011

Team Rep - Roster

Team Rep - RosterTeam Rep - Roster

Team Rep - Labels

Team Rep - Team Player LabelsTeam Rep - Team Player Labels

Team Rep - Log

Team Rep - LogTeam Rep - Log

Englewood Little League Safety Manual

ELL Safety Manual 2011ELL Safety Manual 2011

ELL General Rules

ELL General RulesELL General Rules

2012 Umpire registration form

Ump Registration 2012Ump Registration 2012

ELL 2010 Umpire Clinic Presentation

ELL 2010 Umpire Clinic PresentationELL 2010 Umpire Clinic Presentation

2012 Minor Boys Tourney

2012 Minor Boys Tourney2012 Minor Boys Tourney

2012 Major Boys Tourney

2012 Major Boys Tourney2012 Major Boys Tourney

2012 Girls Coach Pitch Tournament

2012 Girls Coach Pitch Tournament2012 Girls Coach Pitch Tournament

Boys Coach Pitch Tournament

CP Tournament RulesCP Tournament Rules

Line up SheetLine up Sheet

2012 Tournament Teams

2012 Tournament Teams2012 Tournament Teams

ELL 2012 Tournament Teams scheduleELL 2012 Tournament Teams schedule