The Elks rec program has a strong foundation with over 400 boys and girls participating yearly.  For most families in Granite City the rec program is the first introduction to a formal soccer league for their kids.  The rec program relies heavily on the volunteer work of many families.  The amount of support our rec program receives from it's volunteers shows how strong our community's ties are to it's soccer history.  

The Elks rec program went to a 3 v 3 format for our U5 and U6 age groups which is in line with the US Soccer Small Sided Standards.  This change came last year and we felt it was in the best interest of our program to help the players in those age groups develop both a love for the game and maximize their touches on the ball which supports growth as a player.  

The Elks board understands that this is a difficult concept for parents to grasp because this, 'isn't the way I played when I was a kid'.  As a board we made the decision to become more aligned with US soccer standards, since they are the experts in player development.