The Elks rec program has a strong foundation with over 400 boys and girls participating yearly.  For most families in Granite City the rec program is the first introduction to a formal soccer league for their kids.  The rec program relies heavily on the volunteer work of many families.  The amount of support our rec program receives from it's volunteers shows how strong our community's ties are to it's soccer history.  

The Elks rec program went to a 3 v 3 format for our U5 and U6 age groups which is in line with the US Soccer Small Sided Standards.  This change came last year and we felt it was in the best interest of our program to help the players in those age groups develop both a love for the game and maximize their touches on the ball which supports growth as a player.  

The Elks board understands that this is a difficult concept for parents to grasp because this, 'isn't the way I played when I was a kid'.  As a board we made the decision to become more aligned with US soccer standards, since they are the experts in player development.  

Spring Season Starts Saturday March 12th, 2016

To register you will need the following: 

Players Registration Form

 IYSA Medical Release

Copy of Birth Certificate, and Payment Please make checks payable to:  elks youth atheltics  

Send all required items to the P.O. Box listed below:  

Elks Youth Athletics

P.O.Box 1092

Granite City, IL




A brief overview of the Elks Rec program:


Our age groups play with the appropriate amount of players on the field at one time which allows for the most amount of touches for each player and also makes the game more fun.  

See our age brackets below:


U4-U5 Juniors program

U6 - U7 3v3 (NO goalies) - 10 players per team max.  Please view the 3v3 rules for more details on the 3v3 league.

U8 - U12 6v6 - 12 players per team max.

U13 + 8v8 - 14 players per team max.



The league will schedule 7 spring and 7 fall games with a guarantee of 6 games each season. Games will be scheduled on Saturdays and Mondays with Sundays reserved for makeup games.



The fee for the first family member is $90. At registration each family will receive 3 discount cards, which can be sold for $10 each. This $30 is then yours to keep. Each additional family member is only $60. The discount for siblings only occurs when the children are registered together. If you do not have the funds you can fill out a request for financial aid.



Teams are coached and managed by volunteers. If you are interested in helping, you can indicate this on the player registration form and fill out a coach/manager registration form. To verify your child's division open the age matrix sheet

Coaches Download Game Rules for game information. For game cancellation procedure down load the Cancellation Procedure


Juniors program for 3 and 4 year olds:

Our Junior’s program is training and practices that is age appropriate for players born between 9/1/11 and 8/31/13. Your child must be three by March 1st for the spring session or three by August 1st for fall session to be enrolled. Junior’s will consist of training & game play for a total of 6 sessions.  Junior’s fee is $60.



Questions? Please read the Parent Q & A Sheet by clicking on this link.

For more information please email rec@elkssoccerclub.org.                                             

All files are in pdf format and open with Acrobat Reader.