Elizabethton Soccer Association: Information for Parents

Monday, January 9
Information downloads for parents and players
Rules, schedules, thought-provoking articles and information for parents, players, coaches and fans
Laws of the Game, ESA Rules, etc. 
2011 Game Schedules
Parents Information Sheet 2011
Laws of the Game 2011-2012
A Parent's Guide to Soccer
Honoring the Game
Be a Great Team Manager
2011 Registration Form
Thought-provoking articles on parenting the young athlete 
Parent's Guide to Youth Soccer
Parenting Young Athletes
Parents - Don't Abuse the Ref
A Meaningful Soccer Dad
How Much Soccer Is Too Much?
Reviving the Pickup game
Time for a Children's Revolt
What's All That Noise on the Sidelines?
Is an Elite Team Right for Your Child?
10 Signs You're Too Involved
Benefits of Summer Camps
HELP! I volunteered to coach!
Job Description for Parents
Reacting to your Child's Performance
Reflections at Game's End
Taking the FUN out of PLAY
Undermining the Coach
Understanding Soccer Slang
Why Kids Want to Play
Life Lessons
Parents and Sportsmanship
Parents - What NOT To Do
Health, nutrition, preventing and treating injuries 
4 Myths About Nutrition
How to Save Your ACL
Aerobic Conditioning Tips
Conditioning Secrets for Teenage Players
Injuries & Your Style of Play
First Aid - RICE
Issues for Female Players
Recommendations for 1st Aid Kits
Running in Soccer
The Importance of Fluids
Buying the Right Cleat for your Foot
Choosing the Right Cleats
General Principles in Cleat Selection
First Aid Tips and Warnings
Stretches for ALL Players
Keep Water Levels Topped Up
Fuel for Soccer Players
Concussions Are Serious Business
You've Been Injured - Now What
Getting Kids to Play on Their Own
All about playing youth soccer 
Beginning Player's Guide to Soccer
Honoring the Game
Benefits of Summer Camps
How To Talk To College Coaches