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2008 ELy Spring season Champs !
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Monday, November 26
All-Star Rumorville !

Fellas the rumor mill is already alive and kicking.  All was asking why some of your higher profile stars ...

Tuesday, December 9
Elite Cabaret !

 December 27, 2008. 

VFW 2601 Ritchie Rd

tickets $15 More at the door.  ...

Tuesday, December 9
Tip of the week !

Fellas, its that time again and its been a while so i will go over some of my old tips and give a few new ...

Tuesday, December 9

The American legal system is the greatest in the world but sometimes the innocent go to jail.  You have prosecutors that are not interested in the truth but just want a conviction. Listen to the article and it may save you or someone you know.

Tuesday, December 9
Dear Mr Elite

Man im not sure how to start but man i need to know if im gay.  I been dealing with women all my life ...

Tuesday, December 9
Latest Elite Groupie !