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2. - Posted May 17, 2009 12:49AM
Rusty Featherstone
Gentlemen, Congratulations on your well deserved "6-A State Championship!" Once again, another "Nail Bitter" from start to finish. Sitting in the stands reminded me of the 1st State Soccer Championship won by Santa Fe in 1996. That game was played in Taft Stadium against Ponca City. Like you guys, that '96 Championship Team fought and scraped their way through the Play-Offs and all the way to the Championship. That game, too, was won through a Shoot-Out. And like you guys had dedicated your season to your late Teammate, Manuel, that '96 game saw the winning Santa Fe Shoot-Out Goal made by the late Adam Langford, a great soccer player and "All Around Great Guy," one of the best to ever wear the Wolves Jersey and the embodiment of the Wolf Pride. The similarities of tonights big win go right down to the team photo in the net with your State Trophy. And watching from the stands were at least 4 players from that first Championship Team, including Russ Schwettmann, Rusty Duncan, Rory Laisle and Ryan Featherstone. But apparently, that's where the similarities end as Ryan Featherstone, yes, your Assistant Coach's Older Brother, pointed out (maybe not so gracefully), that the '96 Wolves "SCORED FIRST" in their Title Game! Yet, seeing the sparkle in his eye as he made that comment, showed me the true feelings of admiration and support that he holds for you and what you guys accomplished tonight, as well as the strong brotherly feelings he has for Sean. The last thing I heard him say tonight at our own little victory party in your honor, was that you guys accomplished something tonight that you will remember for a long, long time, and no one can take it away from you! So enjoy the sweet taste of Victory, Wolves, you certainly earned it tonight!

1. - Posted March 7, 2009 12:46AM
Rusty Featherstone
Congratulations guys! What a great start on this web site!! Keep doing things like this and I think you'll see better support at the games as well as from your Alumni.

Again, Congratulations! Looks really great!

A PROUD Dad of two pretty good former players. Wolves for Life!!!