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Monday, January 19
Welcome to EBHS Jet Hockey Web Page

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The Blue and Gold Hockey Team From East Boston. The "Jets" Class, Pride and Tradition.

High School First Class 1878

High School Established 1880

Hockey Team Established 1920's

Our Mission Statement

East Boston High School's Department of Athletics supports the High School's mission by providing student-athletes with exceptional educational and athletic opportunities. We commit to national leadership, excellence and the highest ethical standards in High School athletics. We will sustain a strong community base of support by presenting outstanding High School athletic teams which provide quality entertainment and a positive public identity for the High School.

Values & Commitments Education and enrichment of the student athlete - The High School is committed to providing each student athlete with quality educational opportunities and programs to help him/her grow as a total person, and better meet the challenges of a rapidly changing society. The High School values competitive athletic and academic experiences that build self-esteem, a sense of responsibility, effective communication skills and an appreciation for life-long learning.

Integrity in all aspects of behavior - The highest sense of integrity shall characterize every aspect of policy, performance and programs in the East Boston High School. All participants in the East Boston High School shall exemplify impeccable integrity - be they student athletes, coaching staff, administrative professionals or support staff of the High School.

Innovation in approach and spirit -East Boston High School is dedicated to encouraging innovation and creativity as core values. Entrepreneurial approaches and ideas are encouraged. A sense of urgency is key to successful innovation. Complacency has no place in an innovative organization.

Excellence throughout the organization - Excellence shall permeate the performance, the People and the achievements of East Boston High School. Seeking excellence is crucial to development of our Students. It is imperative that high expectations characterize our behavior on the playing field, in the classroom and laboratory and throughout all parts of the organization.

Respect for the individual - The department is committed to reinforcing and enhancing a climate of mutual respect. East Boston High School values the contributions of individuals throughout the organization and encourages open communication. Recognizing the need to work as a team and each individuals self-worth, the department values diversity in its people - be that diversity expressed by heritage, race, belief, sexual preference or gender. Inclusiveness is crucial to real teamwork.

A tradition of leadership - The traditions of East Boston High Schools athletics - leadership, individual and team achievements, an intense pride and loyalty, and commitment to give back to the community - have in large part driven the success and reputation of the High School across generations. East Boston High School is committed to enhance and build upon these traditions for the development of past, and future members of the East Boston High School family and citizens of the state of Massachusetts.

"It's your Aptitude, Not Just Your Attitude That Determines, Your Ultimate Altitude." Zig Ziglar The error of the past is the success of the future. A mistake is evidence that someone tried to do something. ****IMPORTANT Members check out the Handouts for news on Hockey. Must have password to access this area.... PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIPS AND DRILLS NEXT TO THE STAR ON LEFT SIDE OF SCREEN. THIS GIVES US 100 POINTS EACH TIME YOU CLICK ON IT. **IF YOUR NEW TO THIS WEBSITE PLEASE SIGN OUR GUEST BOOK AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE. Also CLICK on the drills area to get points for our site each time you click on this we get 100 points for our team. Thank you Welcome to the UN-OFFICIAL East Boston High Hockey Teams website. East Boston High School Hockey Team is a Very spirited Hockey Program. The Inter-City Youths of East Boston have a Team Sport that is 2nd to none. Our program is built from the Roots of the East Boston Youth Hockey's program (Mustangs) . We are one of the only Hockey programs that is home grown, and we are perennially successful. We are hard at work preparing for the upcoming season, and another run at the City Championship and State Tournament titles with some young talent and a strong spirted group. This site is constantly updated...Check back for updates!BC, Coach Anthony


The Law of Esteem recognizes that all humans need and want praise, recognition, and acceptance. Acceptance and praise are two of our deepest cravings; we can never get enough. William James once said, "The deepest principle of human nature is the craving to be appreciated." You can give simple praise to a child and watch them soar to the top of the world. We know how a simple thank you can make our day. Human beings have a psychological need to be respected and accepted. We need affection to satisfy the need to belong, we want praise so we can feel admired, and we want recognition to satisfy our need for personal worth. Take time this week to give someone sincere praise and thankfulness and watch their spirits soar.


***The 2015-2016 East Boston High Hockey schedule will be available on the teams button on the left, select East Boston Jets and then "Team Schedule" a 20 game schedule, it is one of the toughest in Div III*** ALL of the 15/16 Non League schedule and City Games are now ON line... NOW ON LINE

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School Records Leading Scorers Mass High School



Charlie Daniels 1992-96 156 G 129 A 285 Pts Rated 7th in the State Standings

Chris Farulla 1992-96 114 G 152 A 266 Pts  Rated 15th in the State Standings


Monday, December 21
Jets Host Re-Dedication 1Lt Louis E. Porrazzo Skating Rink

On Saturday Jan 2, 2010 at 5 PM the East Boston High School Jets Hockey team will host the Re-Dedication of the 1Lt Louis E. Porrazzo Skating Rink.  Over eight of some of the Highest Decorated Veterans will be on hand that served with Lt. Porrazzo.  Color Guards along with Soldier’s from Fort Hood will also be here to unveil the New Photo of Lt. Porrazzo.  The Jets will also host a Memorial Game vs. Holliston will all money raised donated to the 1st Cavalry KIA and Wounded Soldiers. 

1931 Jets Photo
1931 Jets Hockey Team
Wednesday, March 14
1931 Jets Hockey Team Photo

This Photo was given to Jets Hockey Coach Anthony From Mrs Cohan of Hamilton Ma. In 2003 our hockey team Was at the Hamilton/Wenham Arena to Play the Generals and Mr Greg Cohan came to the East Boston Locker room to show Coach Anthony a Photo of his Father #5 in the Photo John Cohan who played for the Jets Hockey team. Coach Anthony asked if he could get a copy of this photo and Today 3/14/07 a Photo was sent to him by Mrs Cohan. Coach Anthony Will be placing a Copy of this Photo in the Library at the High School and in the Locker Room at the Rink. A few noted names are in the Photo. # 1 is William Pepicelli who is a Legend to hockey as the Windsor Trophy is named for him he was also a Probation officer in East Boston Court. # 3 Erie Falzassi who worked for the Courts up until his 90 birthday. # 15 is Bill Capone also known as Goodie, # 9 is John Necco a former Boston Police Officer. Thank you to the Cohans for this great Photo.   

Never Forgotten 911 Hero's

Sunday, July 17
EBSB Deep Freeze Breast Cancer Tourney