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Please note that there are some Shaker HS JV games on Thursdays and the 10:30pm games may start a bit later depending on the JV games.  Always assume that they will start at 10:30pm.


Thursday, November 13, 14 10:30 PM RED WHITE
Sunday, November 16, 14 9:30PM BLUE BLACK
Tuesday, November 18, 14 10:15 PM RED YELLOW
Thursday, November 20, 14 10:30PM*JV Game B4 GREEN BLACK
Sunday, November 23, 14 10:15 PM BLUE RED
Tuesday, November 25, 14 10:15 PM WHITE YELLOW
Thursday, November 27, 14   Happy Thanksgiving THANKSGIVING NO GAMES  
Sunday, November 30, 14 9:30PM GREEN RED
Tuesday, December 2, 14 10:15 PM BLACK WHITE
Thursday, December 4, 14 10:30PM*JV Game B4 BLUE GREEN



Friday, October 31
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