East Braintree Little League: Calendar Winners

The first eight winners are: 



June 1st - Tucker Erdody

June 2nd - Carlos Agiulera

June 3rd - Katie Bright

June 4th - Olivia Regan

June 5th - Joe Decola

June 6th - Dave Lauria

June 7th - Shawn Christmas

June 8th - Michael Kirk


Check back for daily winners! 

Tuesday, June 10
The winner for June 9th is Karen Leneweaver. Congratulations Karen!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 10
Todays calendar winner is Kerry Moore. Congratulations Kerry!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 11
Today's winner is Rick Reuss.
Congratulations Rick!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 13
The winner for June 12th is John McLaughlin. Congratulations John!!!!!!

Saturday, June 14
The winner for June 13th is Harry Huddleston. Congratulations Harry!!!!!

Saturday, June 14
The winner for June 14th is Denise Bognanno.
Congratulations Denise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Monday, June 16
Our winner for June 15th is Jennifer Ramsey.
Congratulations Jennifer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Tuesday, June 17
The winner for June 16th is Mary Bognanno.
Congratulations Mary!!!!!!!! 

Tuesday, June 17
The winner for June 17th is Allison Gurley.
Congratulations Allison!!!!!!!! 

Wednesday, June 18
Calendar winner for June 18th is Michael Smith. 
Congratulations Michael!!!!!! 

Friday, June 20
Our winner for June 19th is Elena Flemmi.
Congratulations Elena!!!!!!! 

Saturday, June 21
Our winner for June 20th is Stephen Touhey.
Congratulations Stephen!!!!!! 

Sunday, June 22
The winner for June 21st is David Mischler.
Congratulations David!!!!! 

Wednesday, July 2
I've rrrrreeeeeaaaaalllllllyyyyyyyy been slacking, I apologize.
Calendar winners for
June 22, Karen Naughton.
 Congratulations Karen!!!!!
June 23, Brian Moore.
Congratulations Brian!!!!!
June 24,Billy Best.
Congratulations Billy!!!!!
June 25, Sheila Murphy.
Congratulations Sheila!!!!!
June 26, Dave Lauria.
Congratulations Dave!!!!!
That guy has good karma.
June 27, Cathy Finnerty.
 Congratulations Cathy!!!!!
June 28, Jason Piasecki.
Congratulations Jason!!!!!
June 29, Donna Keddy.
Congratulations Donna!!!!!
June 30, Jim McPartlin.
Congratulations Jim!!!!!
That's it!!!!!!
Thank you all for playing!!!!!!!! 

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