Eagles Basketball Club: Eagle Alumni/Colleges

Tuesday, March 18
Eagles at the Next Level
First Last
Commit School                EBC Yrs Played  Level Year
Trey  Boyd            Bio  Yes  IU East                                   1 NAIA  2013
Dwayne  Brown          Bio  Yes Eastern Michigan                    3 NCAA D1    (FB) 2013
Dante' Butler          Bio  Yes IU South-Bend                        6 NAIA  2014
Taylor  Chilton         Bio  Yes Wabash College                     3 NCAA D3 2013
Brent  Davis   Yes Univ of Southern Indiana       6 NCAA D2 2013
Dominic Dixon           Bio  Yes Roosevelt                               4 NAIA  2013
Devin  Dixon                 Bio Yes Saginaw Valley                      2 NCAA D2 2013
Quante' Hill                   Albion College                        2 NCAA D3 2013
Javone Hilliard                 Bio   Defiance College                    3 NCAA D3 2013
AJ Lawton          Bio  Yes Kirkwook CC                           5 JUCO D1 2013
Sampson Levingston    Bio  Yes Indiana State University          3 NCAA D1    (FB) 2013
Ben Mitchell   Yes Simpson University                 2 NAIA  2013
DJ Nathan   No Ivy Tech CC                            5 JUCO 2013
Caleb  Oetjen          Bio  Yes Bethel College                        3 NAIA  2013
Dwight Richards      Bio  No Cowley CC                              2 JUCO D1 2014
Malik Roper   Yes Cincinnati Christian                 4 NAIA  2013
Hulian Terrell           Yes Radford University                   2 NCAA D1 2013
Mike  Volovic         Bio  Yes Butler                                       3 NCAA D1 2013
Tanner  Watkins                  Bio Yes Indiana Tech                            2 NAIA  2013
Nate Wozniak       Bio  Yes Minnesota                                2 NCAA D1    (FB) 2013
Christian      Brown                        Bio  Yes  St Francis                                6 NAIA (FB)               2014
Marcus  Avery                Bio  Yes  Capital University                    5 NCAA D3  (FB)               2014
Sam  Logwood                  Bio  Yes  New Mexico                             4 NCAA D1                2014
Jonathon Toles              Yes  Marian University                     1 NAIA               2014
Cameron   Burhannon                 Bio Yes   Grand Rapids C.C.                   4 JUCO D1               2013