East Syracuse-Minoa Little League: Welcome

2014-15 ESMLL Board Results

President:  Phil Donahue
VP of Baseball:  Rob English
VP of Softball:  Mike Leib
Player Agent-Baseball:  Randy Dearstine
Player Agent-Softball:  Andy Sitnik
Secretary:  Trinette Seburn
Treasurer:  Rob Keyes
Umpire in Chief:  Rick Neuser
Fundraising Director:  Mary Hetzer, Lisa Sherman & Amber Uhlig
Concession Manager:  Michelle Podeswik & Betsy Boniewicz
Uniform Manager:  John Longo
Equipment Manager-Baseball:  Dan Hagar
Field Maintenance Manager:  Ray Grabowski
Safety Director:   Sara Thompson
Website Manager:  Mike Locke & Tony Roseamelia
Fields Coordinator/Scheduler:  Mike Locke
Chicken Wing Committee Head:  Brian Carr
End of Season Picnic Committee Head:  Dawn Rogers
 Comedy Club Night Committee Head:  Brian Carr



Our Mission... 

It is the mission of our league to enhance the moral character and physical health of every player by developing confidence, respect, compassion and integrity in a fun environment, regardless of skill level. Every action to be taken by the league must achieve at least one of the following:
·         Evidence the integrity of the league and its members
·         Promote good sportsmanship
·         Benefit the players


Board Members 

President:  Phil Donahue
VP Baseball:  Rob English 
VP Softball:  Mike Leib
Player Agent Baseball:  Randy Dearstine
Player Agent Softball:  Andy Sitnik
Secretary:  Trinette Seburn
Treasurer:  Rob Keyes  
Fundraising Director:  Mary Hetzer, Lisa Sherman, Amber Uhlig
Concession Manager: Betsy Boniewicz, Michelle Podeswik
Uniform Manager:  John Longo
Umpire in Chief:  Rick Neuser  

Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Thu 10/9 star ESMLL Board Mtg 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM Minoa Municipal Building
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