East Syracuse-Minoa Little League: Welcome

Thank you to our Sponsors for a very successful League Picnic!

 Jon and Sons East Syracuse
 Minoa Fire Dept
 Trappers 1 & 2
 East Syracuse Parks and Rec
 Dewitt Police Dept


Our Mission... 
It is the mission of our league to enhance the moral character and physical health of every player by developing confidence, respect, compassion and integrity in a fun environment, regardless of skill level. Every action to be taken by the league must achieve at least one of the following:
·         Evidence the integrity of the league and its members
·         Promote good sportsmanship
·         Benefit the players


Board Members

Ray Grabowski: President
Jim Griffin: VP Baseball
John Malbone: VP Softball
Don Grevelding: Player Agent Baseball
Vacant: Player Agent Softball
Carrie Grevelding: Secretary
Lori Welch: Treasurer 
Trinette Seburn: Fundraising Director
Betsy Boniewicz, Michelle Podeswik: Concession Managers
Mike Leib: Uniform Director
Rick Neuser: Umpire in Chief 

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