East Norriton Little League: News: ENLL WEEKLY UPDATE - November 29, 2016

Tuesday, November 29
ENLL WEEKLY UPDATE - November 29, 2016

#GivingTuesday seems a fitting time to review just how giving ENLL’s donors, sponsors and volunteers have been. ENLL closed its fiscal year on September 30 and some eye-popping results were reviewed at the November 22 meeting of the Board of Directors. I thought it’d benefit the league to share some of that information with you today. [Detail behind the information below is always available to ENLL member families upon request from ENLL Treasurer Debbie Smith.]
  1. Between its spring and fall seasons, ENLL served 220 unique players and their families. Total expenses for the fiscal year 10/1/15-9/30/16 were $115,868.60, meaning the annual cost per player was $526.68.
  2. The largest two expense categories, hands-down, were Uniforms and Facilities Maintenance, combining for almost 51% of ENLL’s outlays.
  3. Net registration income – registration fees plus contributions to the raffle ticket fundraiser less expenses – accounted for just 25.5% of the actual costs to operate the league.
    • Families with fewer than three players in ENLL’s spring program paid $75 per child, or less than 15% of the cost to play
    • Families with three players in ENLL’s spring program paid $175, or about 11% of the cost to play
  4. The Opening Day Raffle Ticket Fundraiser is ENLL’s only mandatory fundraiser each year and, as such, it ranks third among ENLL’s Income categories behind only Registration and Corporate Sponsorships. It’s that important to the league – and still cooperative since the cost of participating in the fundraiser doesn’t have to be paid by ENLL’s members. Members are entitled – in fact, encouraged – to resell the tickets they are required to buy so that they might defray their registration costs. Most families, however, choose to keep the tickets and try to win some cash on Opening Day. And win they did – winners walked away with $2,500 in 2016!
Any way you look at it, folks, playing in ENLL is a steal (baseball pun intended) thanks to generous sponsors and ENLL’s unmatched, unpaid volunteers who donate their time and talents to the league. ENLL has managed to keep its registration fees among the lowest in District 22 only because of these wonderful groups of people.

Your help is needed to continue to do, so please consider a more active role in ENLL in 2017.