East Norriton Little League: Volunteer HERE!

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Volunteerism = the willingness of people to work on behalf of others without the expectation of pay or other tangible gain. The most basic of all values is people helping people and, in the process, helping themselves. Volunteering helps to build more cohesive communities and, in ENLL's case, makes a real economic impact (if you'll do it for FREE, ENLL doesn't have to pay someone to do it!).

Won't you please contribute your time, energy and talent to make ENLL all it can be for our community's children? ENLL's Board of Directors can't do it without you! ENLL has many needs for non-Board volunteers who can help in auxiliary capacities such as groundskeeping, concessions, photography, announcing, gardening, equipment, etc. Please let us know at PLAYBALLENLL@GMAIL.COM if you're willing to help.

Thank you for all you do to make ENLL great!