Tuesday, September 19 2017
Meeting of ENLL Board of Directors: Sep 19, 2017 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Meeting room behind arcade


New Topics to Discuss
  • Fall Ball
    1. Schedule: In 2016, we had 27 Home games scheduled at EN Fields. In 2017, that number is significantly lower at 20 Home games. And that was even lower before I complained to George about the schedule. (Note: does not include Junior home games)
    2. Schedule process was a nightmare. First round of games supposed to start between the block of Friday 9/15-Sunday 9/17. George sent out Finalized schedules on 9/14.
    3. Conshy’s AL team didn’t show up for Sat 9/16 game because manager was never notified and Manager contact information never provided, preventing us from confirming the game.
    4. Umpires: Confirm all games are scheduled with exception of 2 AL games. Appears Walt / Jay need to add 2 more games to the master schedule.
    5. Fall Ball Uniforms: AL Teams did not receive same uniform. Must reorder. Managers did not receive shirts. Also - 3 different #s were requested by parents and one manager randomly selected numbers based on what the other manager already selected (e.g., no repeat #s)
    6. Game Balls, Snack Stand, Volunteers
    7. This fall John included an option in the "Volunteering" section of OLR with the thought that ENLL was sometimes shorthanded in the snack stand and might consider paying for help. Four families took advantage of the offer to the tune of $50 apiece - Sigg (Junior League), Hans (Junior League), Lambert (Minor) & Signorino (Minor) – but maybe there’d be more interest in the spring when there are more volunteer needs.

  • Should ENLL set aside some money to invest in baseball bats that meet the new standard
  • Two Remaining Meetings: 10/10, 10/31
  • Process Improvements: Suggestions to improve your role, responsibilities, communication, board meetings, etc.

  • Fall Ball Registration Summary – thru 9/16, 8pm:
    o Fall baseball – thru 9/16, 8 pm:
    - Minor = 24 [22 in 2016; 19 in 2015]
    - American = 20 [25 in 2016; 48 in 2015]
    - National = 17 [26 in 2016; 25 in 2015]
    - Junior = 22 [0 in 2016; 12 in 2015]
    - Summary 2017:83, 2016:73 2015: 104
    · FREE fall baseball coupon report – thru 9/16, 8pm:
    o 19 coupons used so far, $1,240 saved by ENLLers

  • Facenda Whitaker Lanes
    Facenda Whitaker Lanes is where ENLL holds most of its Board & committee meetings.
    Get Map to Facenda Whitaker Lanes 2912 Swede Road
    East Norriton, Pennsylvania