Edmond North High School Girls Soccer: Program Manual

Lady Husky Soccer Program Manual

Philosophy & Objectives

  • Will utilize experiences on the field as a means to become positive members of the community. 
  • Will possess qualities for positive life values. 
  • Will require high expectations of those involved on and off the field.
  • Will pride ourselves on respect and integrity. 
  • Will operate on the "DO RIGHT" principle.

Coaches Expectations

  • Honesty, Loyalty, Respect
  • To push players to their individual potential
  • To assist in individual life potential
  • To amek decisions based on what is best for the team with individual concerns 2nd hand
  • To make NORTH an exemplary place to attend school and play sports

Player Expectations

  • Play with class & respect on the field (with opponent and referees)
  • Playing time will be earned! Based on performace during the week
  • Wear proper gear to practice/games; no club or college gear
  • No cell phone use at team activies
  • Be at  every practice or team event; Coach Anderson must be notified if player is to miss
  • Responsible for communitcating with coaches

Parent Involvement

  • Volunteer opportunities through North Lady Husky Soccer Booster Club
  • Coaches have an open door policy!  If questions arise, encourage player to communicate with the coaches. 
  •  Meeting protocol
    • Held after a player & coach meeting and situation was not resolved
    • Made by appointment, will not occur within 24 hours of game
    • Athlete will be present with her parents in addition to coach Anderson, an assistant and/or school administrator 

Drug & Alcohol Policy - per EPS

Random drug testing for ALL students involved in OSSAA activities at all high schools. Testing will occur once a month with 25 students pulled from a pool of participants. 

  1. 1st offense (positive) - no loss of time in the activity; mandatory assessment by a counselor; automatically retested the next month
  2. 2nd offense (positivie) - suspension from participation in ALL activities for 14 days; 4 hours of mandatory counseling at their own expense; automatically retested each month for remainder of school year
  3. 3rd offense (positive) - suspension from participation in ALL activities for remainder or school year