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2016 Lady Husky Soccer Team
What a great week of tryouts! There was great energy and enthusiasm for the game. Attitudes were good, work ethic was in place. We had large number of girls come out this year for tryouts, highest in recent years, which is exciting to see. This was a difficult decision for the coaching staff to evaluate and place. As mentioned several times throughout the week, it is our job as coaches to assess, evaluate and place players in the appropriate position for the whole team AND the individual player to ensure the highest quality of play. The coaching staff truly feels these girls will give us the best opportunity to reach our highest potential.
Thank you to all who came out! 
The following girls have been selected as part of the 2016 Lady Husky soccer team:
Varsity Training Members
Grace Brennan, Lilly Synan, Gia Nellius, Chandler Jennings, Karlee Johnston, Shelbi Pekas, Alexis Gordon, Ashley Medawattage, Jessica Hutson, Addy Guthrie, Emma Ledbetter, Julia Shepherd, Meagan Moore, Anna Hover, Mackenzie Belyeu,  Hailey Noller, Jordan Burbank, Taylor Couch, Emilie Egan, Madalyn Liebst, Mackenzie Holub, Zoe Matachhiera, Kenzie Tackett, Shelby Denney, Kiran Chakravarty 
Junior Varsity Training Members 
 Jessica Liszewski, Kalyn Brittain, Kaitlyn Berckmann, Julia Moore, Macey Hillebrand, Alee Strong, Kara Karbs, Megan Janjua**, Megan West**, Camille Hamilton, Kerstin Mariano**, Lelia Fadaiepour, Courtney Adler, Ally Petering, Kelsey Morris, Alli Kliewer,  Brice Rathke, Leavi Everett, Katie Dulany, Karin Sundstrom**, Loren Holmes**,  Lauran Hill, Brehauna Beasley, Sajin Poos, Reid Rathke, Crystal Morris, Chloe Scheitzach, Halle Goodrich, Alexia Avila
Note: ** need further evaluation due to injury during tryouts.
What an exciting time to be an Edmond North Lady Husky Soccer player! We have a great spring ahead of us. Welcome to the program! Go Huskies!
Girls Soccer Coaching Staff
 Need to know: 
 - If you would like your evaulation, drop by Coach Anderson's room sometime next week to get yours or request one be completed for you. 
- The girls listed above will receive an email from Coach Anderson with further details about upcoming meetings. Please keep an eye out! 
- Mark your calendar: Parent Meeting (for girls who made the team) will be Thursday, November 12th at 6:30pm in the Media Center at North. Player Meeting will be Friday, November 13th during 7th hour in Coach Anderson's room, E262. 

2016 Girls Soccer Parent Meeting
Thursday, November 12, 2015
6:30pm in the Media Center
2016 Girls Soccer Player Meeting
Friday, November 13, 2015
2:30pm (7th hour) in Coach Anderson's room (E262)
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