Elk Grove Girls Softball: Welcome

Wednesday, July 22


President:  Jonathan Jones
Commissioner:  Jim Groenhof          
Treasurer:  Michelle Langston          
Fields:  Jeff Olsen          
Travel:  Kevin Leach          
Ways and Means:  Dave Rosario         
Promotions/Officiating:  Tim Tomaso        
Secretary: Kathy Manka          
Member at Large:  Doug Jozwiak
Equipment:  Jim Kerrigan
Park District Rep:  Jeff Collier



Its that time of year again! Elk Grove Girls Softball Board positions that are up are as follows:

1. President
2. Secretary

3. Member at Large

4. Equipment
5. Officiating Coordinator


Please contact Jim Groenhof at eggscommissioner@gmail.com if you are interested in filling one of the above positions. All inquiries must be in by 8/19/15 



Elk Grove Girls Softball Leagues
1. Instructional     2. Ponytail    
3. Sophomore     4. Junior    
5. Senior     6. Fire (Tournament Team)    
7. Heat (Full Time Travel)    

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