Elk Grove Girls Softball: Welcome

Thursday, July 2


President:  Jonathan Jones
Commissioner:  Jim Groenhof          
Treasurer:  Michelle Langston          
Fields:  Jeff Olsen          
Travel:  Kevin Leach          
Ways and Means:  Dave Rosario         
Promotions/Officiating:  Tim Tomaso        
Secretary: Kathy Manka          
Member at Large:  Doug Jozwiak
Equipment:  Jim Kerrigan
Park District Rep:  Jeff Collier



Wednesday July 15th Mandatory Managers post season meeting/equipment drop off 6:30 at Sweet Baby Rays

Tuesday July 21st EGGS monthly board meeting 7:00pm Hattendorf center 



Congrats to the Playoff Champs!

  Ponytail:  Tony Portogallo

Sophomore:  Darren Jensen

Junior:  Doug Jozwiak


Thanks to all the Managers and Coaches, the program would not run without you!

Elk Grove Girls Softball Leagues
1. Instructional     2. Ponytail    
3. Sophomore     4. Junior    
5. Senior     6. Fire (Tournament Team)    
7. Heat (Full Time Travel)    

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