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Saturday, July 13
EGSA Fundraising Campaign 2014

Thank you for your interest in the 2014 EGSA fundraising campaign!

EGSA Parent & Player Request for Volunteering/Donating/Raffles/Fundraising

With EGSA’s 2014 Spring Season, fundraising and making community connections are at the top of the EGSA’s to do list. Over the course off the next year we are planning to hold several fundraisers, & planning a few community connection events as well. Both parents & players will be asked to participate in the EGSA fundraising & community events. I do realize that everyone will not be able to participate all the time, I will do my best to be sure to give everyone a few options on how parents & players alike can partake in each fundraiser / community event the EGSA is involved in this year.

So let’s get started! First up EGSA’s opening day activities for 2014 are already being planned, although plans have yet to be finalized we are ...in need of parent volunteers for this day for everything from set up to clean up & all events in between. Please volunteer 2 hours of your time to the EGSA for opening day, as it would be greatly appreciated. EGSA has 12 board members at this time, and that will nowhere near cover the amount of people we need for the activities we would like have planned for the day. Send me an email with your name, contact #, email, your child’s name, & age with (will volunteer time for opening day) in the subject line to debbiemartinez@cox.net . As the opening day schedule is put in stone I will send a schedule back to you with your time slot for volunteering on opening day, and it will not be during your child’s game.

It would also be appreciated if you can donate a raffle prize/basket to the EGSA’s opening day auction. Opening day raffle prizes/baskets should cost roughly $20.00 - $30.00, the raffle prize/basket can either be purchased by yourself & donated, or you may solicit a local company/retailer of your choice to donate a raffle prize/basket. If you would like to donate a raffle prize/basket to the EGSA opening day auction send me an email with your name, contact #, email, your child’s name, & age with (will donate opening day raffle prize/basket) in the subject line to debbiemartinez584@ymail.com. We can then make arrangements to get the raffle prize/basket pick up or dropped off prior to opening day.

Thank you all for your time, help and contributions. Together we can make 2014 best season the EGSA has ever had. See you on the field.

Thanks again,
Debbie Martinez – EGSA Fundraising / Event Coordinator