Evergreen Baseball Umpires Association: Welcome

Friday, March 2

Next Meeting:

 Training 3/28 @ 7pm


Up coming meeting:

Training Meeting 3/28 @ 7pm

Membership Meeting 4/18 @ 7pm 


On Field Training At Luke Jensen Park (78th Street Just West of St. John's Rd.)

Training and Membership Meetings will be held at Mt. View High School, Room 304 (South side of school) 


Umpire Training Meetings:

These meetings are for ALL umpires that do not umpire a Varsity schedule (Varsity schedule equals those who worked more Varsity games than JV/Freshman games combined and have worked post season)


On Field Training:

These events are for ALL EBUA umpires.  It is a good way to dust off the rust from the off season prior to the start of games. And it allows us to run more drills for the newer umpires.  Please bring your plate gear and wear clothing for the weather, NO CLEATS. 


Evergreen Baseball Umpires Association- EBUA is the Southwest Washington's (Clark County and Stevenson High School) WOA Association of Baseball Umpires for the NFHS/WIAA member schools.  We also umpire youth summer baseball in the Clark County area. 

Looking for Umpires for your games?  Please contact Gary Loucks, our Assignor, at 360-771-8611.

NEW UMPIRES- If you are interested in joining EBUA  as a Baseball Umpire we ask that you contact Gary Loucks via email at gsloucks@comcast.net  He will let you know what you need to do.


EBUA's Mailing Address

PMB 141

8002 NE HWY 99, STE B

Vacouver, WA 98665

Wednesday, January 24
1st Training Meeting is SET

EBUA will be starting our training meetings for the 2018 season on Jan. 24th at 6 PM located at Mt. View High School in the Forum Room.  


Please bring a note pad and pen, your rule book, your WOA mechanics manuel, mask and indicator, & wear comfotable clothing that you can move around in.  If you have a glove please bring it as we may do some soft toss drills from time to time.


Umpires that this will be your 2nd year or more can you email Tom Martinko at trmartinko@hotmail.com with areas that you would like more training on.  


We have a lot to cover and not much time before games start.  Please try to make every meeting.  If you miss a meeting I will not have time to recover it at another meeting, unless I feel that the whole group could use the rehash.


Looking forward to a great year of training,

Tom Martinko

EBUA Trainer