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Sunday, March 23
Coaching, Volunteer CORI Forms and Coaching Information

 Coaching Information

The new, 2014 CORI/Volunteer forms have not been updated to the league website.  Every coach (Head or assistant), board member and/or volunteer for this coming 2014 MUST complete the Volunteer form and submit it to the Safety Officer at sallenbat@comcast.net.  As a parent, you CANNOT coach or volunteer at practices, games, etc without having completed said form.  Complete and email asap to Scott Allen at above email.  Also include scanned copy of your driver's license.  This protocol is mandated by Little League Incorporated and is part of our Safety Plan to ensure the safety of all children.  If you already completed and forward your volunteer form using the old, 2013 form, you are all set.  If you haven't, then use the 2014 form.  

Get your assistants to send asap. 

 Also, there are mandated Coaches Clinics for both Baseball and Softball and a Mandated First Aid instructional class that will both be announced soon.

 Practices.  The fields have not been approved to be used yet by the town, when they do, the league reps will notify coaches regarding the practice schedules.

Farm and T Ball drafts are being held this Wednesday.  Caoches will be notifying their players parents shortley thereafter.

 Opening Day is April 19th.  Check site and Facebook page for updated information.