East Bridgewater Little League: Welcome

Please use the following link to sign up and help out at the snack bar
NO experience is necessary.

this is the biggest fundraiser we have and it doesnt run without volunteers!!







Please make sure all Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Any Volunteer has completed the 2-step Background process (posted on Website and facebook)

As of right now I only have 43 completed CORI forms on record.

There typically should be over 100.  If you are a head coach, please make sure your CORI is complete and confirm with each of your assistants that they complete them as well.  This is a state law, Little League International charter requirement.



Thank You


Scott Allen

Safety Officer, VP of Softball

 EBLL Coaches/Volunteer Background Protocol
EBLL Coaches and Volunteers MUST complete the CORI/Safety Protocol (Mandated by Little League International and MA General Laws)
All coaches and/or any EBLL volunteer must complete the following process;
1. Complete the brief online registration submission at  https://www.leaguelineup.com/formpreview.asp?url=ebll&sid=316235633&FormID=74195
2. Download, complete, sign and email to sallenbat@comcast.net or hand deliver to EBLL Executive Board member ASAP  http://www.eteamz.com/EBLITTLELEAGUE/files/VolunteerApp15.pdf
No one should be coaching any EBLL teams, including indoor sessions until you have completed this process
Any questions directed to Scott Allen, EBLL Safety represntative sallenbat@comcast.net

Volunteer/CORI forms are available here or under the handout tab.
If you are coaching or assisting a coach you must complete this form and email it to sallenbat@comcast.net

Wednesday, December 11
2015 Required Coaching and Volunteer CORI Forms

2015 MANDATORY Coaching & Volunteer Application 

ALL Coaches (Head and Assistants), ALL Board Members, ANYONE that will be volunteering during this coming 2015 Baseball or Softball Season MUST complete the 2015 Little League Coaching & Volunteer Application.  Please complete the PDF link.  If possible, scan the completed form and email ASAP to sallenbat@comcast.net.  If you don't have scan and email capability, please email to EBLL PO Box 75, East Bridgewater, MA 02333 immediately!!!!!!!!

Link to 2015 Volunteer Form: www.eteamz.org/eblittleleague/FILES/volunteerapp15.pdf


Tuesday, April 22
EB Little League on Facebook

East Bridgewater Little League is on Facebook
East Bridgewater Little League is on Facebook now, check Facebook and the league's website for updates througout season 
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EBLittleLeague?ref=hl

Tuesday, April 22
Snack Bar Volunteers Needed ASAP

Snack Bar Volunteers NEEDED ASAP
East Bridgewater Little League relies upon our many volunteers to help make the program a success.  Please chip-in to help by signing up for a shift at the snack bar.  It is easy and FUN!!!!  Just click on the link above and sign up for any available time slot that works for your schedule.  You can sign up individually and/or recruit a friend and sign up for two.  Once you sign up, just report to the snack bar at your designated time and the supervisor of the snack bar will provide on the job training.  NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY.
Feel free to contact Snack Bar Coordinator Dawn Kelly with any questions at dkbkso@aol.com.  The snack bar is the most significant source of fundraising that the league is involved with.  Without the snack bar assistance, the league would not be able to run efficiently and we would not be able to put back so much in improvements to our complex for the program. 


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