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Welcome to Dynasty Gold

Dy'nas-ty (di nas-ti)
Domination, Sovereignty,power.
A succession of rulers of the same family.
A team of girls governing the game of fastpitch softball

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We WELCOME you to take a look at who we are.

    The Dynasty Gold team is a close-knit group of girls AND parents who enjoy the sport of softball. We play at the highest level of competition in the nation. We invite you to take a closer look at us by clicking on the subjects on the left.
   Examine our roster and see an action picture & details of each player. Check out our 'Page 2 News' section for past events. Our 'calendar' & 'Schedules' will show you the different teams we play. Our "Mission Statement" is very important. Want to "try out" then click for details. And don't forget to sign our 'Guestbook'.

Sunday, September 14
Dynasty Pitchers (Past & present ) - 2005 was a Dynasty Gold All-Star High School Season

Pitched St. Joseph to CIF Championship
   During the 2005 high school season, at least 11 present & former Dynasty Gold players pitched for their local high schools. A few times they even went 'head to head' (mano de mano?).
1. Charlott Morgan - University of Alabama - college World Series 2008 & 09.
2. Bree Evans - University of Michigan - Leadoff batter & Outfield 2009.
3. Andrea Lyons : Marymount H S - League MVP & CIF 1st team - Univ of Arizona.
4. Shawna Wright : Lancaster H S - Corona Angels - Univ of Washington
5. Lauren Tuey : Redlands HS Freshman 2005 - Varsity pitcher, Pacific Univ.
6. Hayley Schultz : Marymount H S. CIF player/pitcher of Year 2009
7. Brianna Corral - Calif Baptist. National Champions.
8. Alea Macon - Upland HS. A top pitcher in the nation. UCLA 2010.
9. Sarah Vertelka - Rancho Cucamonga HS
10. Chasera Brantley - Crenshaw HS - 2005 top player in LA. RBI Monarchs.
11. Gabby Smith - Fontana HS All CIF. Cal State Fullerton.
12. Becky Saldecke : 2005 - pitched Cajon HS to a League championship & to the
       CIF finals.
13. Claire Molina : Colton HS - All League, All Inland Empire.
14. Samantha Parks : Riverside Poly HS - All Inland Empire, All League
15. Tyler Lent : Arrowhead Christian HS & Point Loma Univ.
17. Percy Vasquez : La Quinta HS Freshman in 2005 - Team Smith (Julie) Gold 18u
18. Kameryn Hebenton - University of Riverside
19. Kelsea Rainwater - Norco HS
20. Tonya Thompson - Rim of the World & full ride
21. Amanda Grubbs - Yucaipa HS   


Dynasty Accomplishments - 1998 to 2005

   Did you know that Dynasty Gold is the only team which started in 1997 and is still playing today. During those years we have accomplished many things :

August, 1998 - AAU   10u National Championship       2nd place.
July,   1999 - NFPSA 10u National Championship       5th place.
July,   2000 - NFPSA 10u National Championship       3rd place.
July,   2000 - Triple Crown 10u National Championship   3rd place.
May,    2001 - ASA 10u State Championship             9th place.
Aug,    2001 - ASA 10u National Championship - 5th place in nation.
July,   2002 - Triple Crown 12u National Championship
May,    2003 - ASA 12u State Championship
Aug,    2003 - ISA 12u National Championship            WON 1st place.
June    2004 - ASA 14u State Championship
July,   2004 - ASA 14u Colorado Fireworks
Aug,    2004 - ASA 14u Western Nationals
June,   2005 - ASA 16u State Championship
July,   2005 - ASA 16u Colorado Fireworks




Friday, January 25
Dynasty Alumni - Where Are They Now?

    Dynasty Gold of San Bernardino has had many well known girls who have played for them since our birth in Oct 1992. Most are older & have had to 'move up' to an older division. Here are 2 different catagories. One catagory is a list of girls who played for Dynasty for 1 month or longer. The second catagory is of girls who played for Dynasty for less than 1 month.
note - only listed are 1987, 88 & 89 birthdays (1990 BD's not listed)

    More than 1 month with Dynasty : Last Known Team         High School/college
Becky Saldecke -    1989 pitcher      Filly's 18 Gold         Cajon
Jamie Clark -       1989 catcher      Corona Angels          Chino Hills
Kaylyn Castillo -   1989 catcher   Batbusters   Norco/Ariz State starting catcher
Chacera Brantley -   1988 pitcher/ss   Amer Athletics
B B Bates -          1991 Outfield/slapper                      UCLA 2010
Percy Curiel -      1989               Raiders (Bruder)          Cajon
Tiffany Melgosa -    1988               Crunch
Shawna Wright -      1991               Corona Angels    Lancaster/Univ Washington
Bree Evans -         1990               Dynasty Gold             Univ of Michigan
Brittany Araiza -   1989               Hawks                      Notre Dame
Breanna Adams -    1987 2nd Base                         Cal Baptist 2nd base
Melissa Goeson -    1988               Faith                      North
Sarah Hilterman -    1988               Sudden Impact
Michelle Evans -    1989 pitcher      Mirage
Samantha Parks -    1987 pitcher/ss   Riverside Poly (Pitcher)   Riverside Poly
Sarah Vertelka -    1988 pitcher                                        Rancho Cucamonga
Courtney Conrad -    1989                                          Rancho Cucamonga

Less than 1 month :

Kelli Hawkins -    1988                Gordon Panther's
Brittany Quijada - 1989                Dynasty (Lilly)            Riverside Poly
Gabby Smith -      1988                Rookies                Fontana/C S Fullerton
Charlott Morgan - 1988 pitcher/1st    Amer Athletics          Valley View/Alabama
Aleah Macon -       1989 pitcher               Corona Angels    Upland - UCLA 2010
Briana Wells -      1989                Calif Gold
Andrea Briones -    1987               

Of course ther are many more. If anyone has news of an alumni, please email Dave at dclark7999@msn.com

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Saturday, April 19

    Since the 'birth' of the present Dynasty Gold eight years ago in Oct, 1997 Dynasty has played for 6 National Championships. They have fnished 1st (ISA), 2nd (AAU), 5th (NFSA), 3rd(NFSA), 3rd (Triple Crown) & the biggest accomplishment was Aug of 2001 when we finished in 5th place at the highest level a travel team can play, the ASA National Championships. Only 4 other teams finished better than Dynasty in the nation/world. It's been done & nobody can take it away from them. Makes you feel good.


Happy Birthday
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Summer Birthdays

Summer Birthdays :

Saturday, September 15th is Shannon O'Neill's birthday. She becomes 14 years old.

Happy birthday .

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