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Welcome to the Durham Firebirds Football Website

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The Firebirds Football Organization was founded by John Bussian and Bill Haas in 2005. Their vision was to create a football organization in the Durham/Chapel Hill area that would provide a safe and reliable mechanism to teach young kids the fundamentals of football. In 2005, there was a group of 25 kids that joined the team, ages 7-9.

The Firebirds joined the Central Piedmont Football League the following year. In 2006 we installed 2 teams, a 7/8 and a 9/10, both tackle. In 2007 we added 2 more age groups, 5/6 Flag and 11/12 Tackle. In 2008 we had 4 age groups with a total of 90 players on the 4 rosters.  Charles Collie now serves as the Western Triangle Youth Boys Football League President and is dedicated to making the experience a great one for everyone involved.

We are now proud members of the East Wake FootballLeague beginning in 2013.

There are three compelling reasons to choose the Firebirds for your youth football experience this season. It is SAFE for the kids; it is CONVENIENT for the parents; and it is FUN for the entire family!

We have been successful with expanding the program; our mission in this ninth year as it has been from the beginning is to provide a fun and instructional environment for boys to learn the wonderful game of football. There will be four teams in the following age groups:

6-8 Tackle( (105#), 9-10 Tackle(125#), and 11-12(150#) Tackle as well as a 13-14 year old UNLIMITED WEIGHT tackle team.


In 2011, all teams had winning records, with all 5 teams making it to the playoffs.  Our 9/10 Red team was the Division I CHAMPION. Our FLAG team lost a heartbreaker in the Division I Champioship Game.  

 In 2012 our 7/8 year old team won the Division 1 Championship Game
2013 Head Coach Information:

6-8 Tackle - Anthony Dilweg 

9/10 Tackle - Jim Biestek 

11/12Tackle- Shaun Johnson

13-14 Tackle- Mike Mitchell

General Information Contact
Charles Collie:    ccollie@horizontanklines.com or 919-210-2712
Jim Biestek: 919-943-8920