Sunday, September 18
DSC White vs. FC America White
After a long 2-1/2 hour stayover in the cold rain, our boys got themselves ready to play their 2nd game vs. FC America White.  With FC America White borrowing some of their U12 players to help them in this game, our DSC boys were still the more talented team on the field, however they had lost their swagger from the previous game and weren't playing like a great soccer team should play.  Their athleticsm kept them in this game throughout giving them a few scoring opportunities and keeping FC America out of our zone for the most part, however the DSC boys would find themselves down 0-2 at the half.  While they came out in the 2nd half playing a little faster, they still seemed scattered until they scored their first goal of the game about 15 minutes in.  The late goal re-energized them a bit so that the opponents attack would be kept at a minimum throughout the remainder of the 2nd half, and with 3 minutes left Coach would empty his bench and put some starters back in the game to build a late attack, and attack they did!  In a scramble for the ball in front of FC America's goal after a corner kick, there would be an own goal scored as the opponent struggled to clear the ball.  At the kick off, DSC would work to get the ball right back and they built a nice attack through a string of a few good passes and would end up with Sam putting the ball in the back of the net on a cross from the sideline.  As FC America took the kickoff after our goal, the referee ended up the game at full time, and DSC had the 3-2 victory.  It was a game that could of been played better by our boys, however they would get the win and some much needed confidence as they head in to the Midwest Soccerfest Tournament next weekend.