DUBUQUE SOCCER CLUB BLOWOUT TOURNAMENT: Game Reports: DSC Green vs. Heartland Soccer Club White

Monday, September 12
DSC Green vs. Heartland Soccer Club White

After a bad loss earlier in the day, the Green team came back in their 2nd IPSL game wanting to better their effort from the previous game, however again they would come out a bit flat as they seemed to be feeling eachother out rather than trusting eachother and playing as a unit together.  After a rough first half where they found themselves down 7-2, however not out of the game yet.  They stayed mentally tough and played a very solid final 15 minutes of the 2nd half, scoring a fast 4 goals that were all a product of connected passes, good communication, and attacking with pressure.  In their attacking efforts, they also kept the ball away from the opponent, shutting them out in the 2nd half.  While the Green team would lose the game 7-5, they clearly won the 2nd half and have some solid momentum coming away from this game.  They learned the true results of what teamwork can produce, and we should look forward to the next time this group takes to the pitch.