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Important DLT Documents
Melissa Hayes - runaway teen

Have you seen Melissa Hayes, 16 of Elmhurst, IL

Melissa HayesMelissa Hayes

Sponsorship Flyer 2010

Sponsorship Flyer 2010

Sponsorship Letter 2010Sponsorship Letter 2010

Waiver 2010

Waiver/Medical Release Form 2010

Waiver 2010Waiver 2010

Contract 2010

Zero Tolerance Contract 2010

Contract 2010Contract 2010

Recruiting Flyer 2010

Recruiting Flyer 2010 (14U)


What makes us different?

What makes us different?

What makes us different?What makes us different?

Aluminum vs. Wooden Bats

Aluminum vs. Wood - by Sam Ainsworth (7th Grade Science Fair)

Review of LiteratureReview of Literature

Who's Faster?

Is Hand-eye Coordination Faster for Males or Females? (by Elizabeth Ainsworth - 7th Grade Science Fair)

Review Of LiteratureReview Of Literature