Drive Performance: Welcome

Welcome to Drive Performance - the premiere provider of baseball and softball training and the exclusive home of the iTrac Vision Training System.

To Make Every Player Great.

We will provide baseball and softball players with the highest level of instruction, techniques, equipment, and technology to foster continual athletic and personal growth that results in enhanced performance and enjoyment of the game.

Customer Focus. We develop relationships with our players to understand their unique needs and to deliver positive experiences that result in success – from Little League to the Big Leagues.

Integrity. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards that are guided by a focus on enhancing player performance and a love for the game.

Leadership. We constantly strive to provide our players with industry-leading innovations and methodology to enable all players to maximize their potential.

Accessibility. We believe that optimal development is achieved in a dynamic and positive environment that is built around the needs of its users.

Competitive Spirit. Excellence is achieved through hard work, discipline and a desire to be the best. We embody these values as an organization and instill them in the players we train.

In the competitive worlds of sports and business, you will not be successful without a commitment to teamwork throughout every level of the organization. We work together as a team to embody our vision and, in the process, to help our players achieve their goals.


AUGUST 8TH – 14TH AT DRIVE PERFORMANCE IN WHEELING and Maryville Academy in Des Plaines

Drive Performance is looking for elite players at the following age levels:

Baseball: 10U - 11U - 12U - 13U - 14U - 15U - 16U - 17U (Showcase)

Softball: 10U - 12U - 14U - 16U



***Saturday, August 13th @ Drive Perrformance in Wheeling, IL***

10U/12U: 9am-11am

14U: 11:30am-1:30pm

16U: 2pm-4pm

***Sunday, August 14th @ Maryville Academy, Des Plaines, IL***

10U/12U: 9am-11am

14U: 11:30am-1:30pm

16U: 2pm-4pm 



Monday, August 8 @ Drive

17U: 4pm-6pm /16U: 6pm-8pm

Tuesday, August 9 @ Drive

15U: 4pm-6pm / 14U: 6pm-8pm

Wednesday, August 10 @ Drive

13U: 4pm-6pm / 12U: 6pm-8pm

Friday, August 12 @ Drive 11U: 4pm-6pm / 10U: 6pm-8pm

Saturday, August 13 @ Maryville for fielding

17U: 9am-10am

16U: 10am-11am

15U: 11am-12pm

14U: 12pm-1pm

13U: 1pm-2pm

12U: 2pm-3pm

11U: 3pm-4pm

10U: 4pm-5pm