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Sunday, January 27
Dover baseball Regular Season Registration is Now Open

If you wish to register for dover baseball for the 2013 season please contact Barry Smith at 321-7286 or email at

Sunday, January 27
Dover Baseball Regular Season Registration is NOW OPEN

Dover Baseball's regular season registration is now open

as a guide the age for your child for the upcoming season is their age as of April 30th 2013

 Age     Division

4-5      Tee-Ball

5-6       Instructional

7          Little Minor

8          Small Minor

9-10     Cal Ripken Minor

11-12    Cal Ripken Major

13        Babe Ruth Prep

14-15    Babe Ruth 

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Thursday, January 19
Register by Mail

Register by Mail
To register by mail simply download the 2013 registration handout located just below this post and send with check or cash back to 
Dover Baseball
PO Box 443
Dover, NH 03821

Handout: 2013 Registration

Wednesday, February 13
Dover Baseball Constitution/ByLaws Revision

Dover Baseball is in the process of updating/changing some parts of our Constitution/Bylaws.

We are posting them on our website for public review and will be voting to approve this amendment at an upcoming executive board meeting which are always open to the public.

To review this document - please click on the handout below.

Handout: Dover Baseball Constitution/Bylaws

Thursday, February 14


Dick's Sporting Goods - Baseball Appreciation Day!

Dick's Sporting Goods will be observing Baseball Appreciation Day!

On March 23rd in their Portsmouth, NH Store from 11AM-4PM, Dick's Sporting Goods will take 15% off your entire purchase with little or no limitations to anything in the store including clothing and other sporting equipment.

In addition to this offer, Dick's Sporting Goods has also provided Dover Baseball with 10% off coupons on baseball related purchases that may be used in conjunction with this spectacular offer on March 24th.

What's better than getting 25% off your entire baseball purchase?

To receive your 10% off coupons, please click on either of the Dick's Sporting Goods offers and you will be directed to printable coupons that may be use anytime this year!

In addition to Baseball Appreciation Day, Dick's Sporting Goods has become a new Dover Baseball Sponsor and has agreed to donate a number of team equipment kits for this upcoming baseball season.


Sunday, December 4
League Code of Conduct and Dover Baseball by-Laws

click on handout below to download

Handout: League By Laws and Code of Conduct

Friday, April 13
Division VP's

VP, Tee-Ball 4-5 yr Olds  Eric Holt -

VP, Instructional  yr olds - Martin McGough
VP, Little Minor 7 yre olds - Tim Russell -

VP,  Small Minor 8 yr Olds - Don Proulx

VP, Cal Ripken Minor 9-10 - Mike McCormack

VP, Cal Ripken Major 11-12 - Jon Lynch -

VP, Babe Ruth 13-15 - Jon Towle -

Saturday, February 2
Coaches Information

  2013 Coaching Information

All Coaches need to make sure they read and follow through with background checks and certification. The background check needs to be done every other year so if you completed it last year 2012 you are all set for 2013. Those who have never done one or did one in 2011, need to get one done.The Cal Ripken certification needs to be done once and is good as long as you coach. If you have any questions please email

Dover Baseball President Jack Dalton at

 If you need to be reimbursed for the fee (background Check)  please email Carolyn at

Background Checks - All coaches and managers must get background checks before stepping out on the field. $16.00 and it is good for 2 years.

You will need the following before you start:



Date of Birth

City of Birth

Social Security number

Credit card

Once you have what you need then click on the below link to start.

Click on the Login and Register button.

Since this will be your first time, create an account.

Enter in your email address and your password. Enter in your personal information.

Register yourself as a helper or coach.

Enter in your personal information.

Please enter in your date of birth correctly.

Then hit register.

Enter in your: Social security number

Birth City

Birth Country

Drivers License State

NOTE: Be sure to input your social security number in correctly, if it's not then you will have to re-do and you will have to pay again so please take extra time to make sure you have your correct social security number.

Answer 7 questions then hit continue.

Then hit check out.

Enter in credit card info and submit.

Then hit done and you are done.

Dover Baseball Code of Conduct Every person participating in Dover Baseball must sign to be eligible to be a part of our organization.

The form can be found on the bottom of this website

Sunday, June 3
Cal Ripken Certification - Mandatory for all All-Star Coaches

Cal Ripken Certification All All-Star Managers and Coaches must be Cal Ripken Certified at all levels prior to any tournaments, Area/District play.  All coaches should have been certified before the regular season began, but if for some reason it was not completed - please visit the link below:

(The 8-year-old All-Star coach(s), once selected will also be mandated to be certified.)

Friday, November 2
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