Dixie Lions: Welcome

Monday, August 27
Dixie Lions Athletics Boys 1994 Soccer - closing a chapter

We have arrived at the end of a chapter of our lives; the Dixie Lions Athletics (Boys 1994) are no more.  The 2012 season marked the final season for the team.  Many players will now move on to post-secondary institutions, continue high-school for another year, or begin full-time careers in the working world.

Over the years many players have passed through the team.  Some had good experiences and some had not so good experiences; some stayed for short periods and some stayed for much longer.  At the end of it all, it was learning experience (good and bad) that hopefully prepares us for the next chapter of our lives.

A very special thank you to the team’s 2012 sponsor.  Without the sponsor’s support, the final season would not have occurred.

God’s blessings to all – team mates, parents, coaches, team staff, friends, sponsors and opponents - who have supported and challenged over the years.

Best wishes and success to all your endeavours.

Farewell, until we meet again.
The End of the Road ....