CA District 33 Little League: 2016 TOC

2016 Tournament of Champions Re-Cap
The District Tournament of Champions has ended. Congratulations to all the winners. Special thanks to all the volunteers who gave countless hours for this tournament. We couldn't have done it without your help. Below are the final brackets for each division that played in the District TOC. 

Final TOC Brackets

Baseball Juniors    Baseball Intermediate Baseball Majors  Baseball Minors 

2016 Tournament of Champions Winners  

Congratulations to the Serra Mesa Royals for winning the 2016 District 33 TOC Junior Baseball Flag  

Congratulations to the Allied Gardens Grinders for winning the 2016 District 33 TOC Minor Baseball Flag  

Congratulations to the La Mesa National Aztecs for winning the 2016 District 33 TOC Major Baseball Flag  

Congratulations to the North Park Average Joes for winning the 2016 District 33 TOC Intermediate Baseball Flag