CA District 33 Little League: 2016 Clinic Attendance List

Clinic Attendance List

I would like to address the clinic requirements for any District 33 Tournament.  Every league is required to submit an approved safety plan to Little League and a required element of that safety plan is the attendance of clinics.  Each team will need to meet that requirement in order to participate in any of our District Tournaments.
The requirement is that all coaches and managers in our District are required to attend both a District Approved Coaches Skills and Emergency Management Safety clinic every three years in order to participate in any District Tournament. One manager and/or coach per team must attend two required clinics for the current year (may be different coaches on the team (person for each). The first clinic is one that teaches skills such as the Big Al Clinic. The second clinic is a safety clinic. At least once every three years coaches/managers are required to attend these clinics. In other words, on a coaching staff of three, each individual will have had to attend each type of clinic for the upcoming season or the past two years in any three year period counting from the current season. And each of the two clinics will have had to be attended by a team coach or manager for this current season (2016).  For example, the current season is 2016 and the past two years are 2015 and 2014.  

There are two requirements for clinic attendance: 
1) Every team that participates in any District 33 Tournament will have their league’s team entry checked to make sure that the individual coaches meet the requirements stated above.  

2) Each league will have to reach a minimum of 50% attendance for those divisions that do not send their teams to District 33 Tournaments (i.e. t-ball and lower minor coaches and managers). 

Steve TaylorDistrict Safety Officer, will be compiling a list of all the attendees from District approved clinics for the year to our master list. He will be doing this until the deadline on April 1st. Please check our Clinic Attendance for your name so you know where you stand. Make sure you are on the tab on the bottom of the list for the current year.

2016 Clinic Attendance List  

We will be checking each team’s coaches against this list for the DDM, Clay Berry Invitational (CBI), 90’ Junior and season ending TOC. If you notice errors or omissions, please contact Clay Berry and Steve Taylor well before you get to the field. If you cannot prove that you fulfilled these requirements, you will be disqualified from participation with your team or your team will be disqualified after their first game of the District Tournament. The players should not be punished- if the manager or any coaches are not qualified by clinic attendance any or all staff may be replaced by a league’s coaches that do qualify. 
 If you have any other questions regarding these requirements, please email me at 

Clay Berry 
District Administrator 
Ca District 33

District Requirements for Hosting a League Skills and/or Safety Clinic

In order for your league-hosted clinic to be district approved and qualify participants for district-sponsored tournaments you must meet the following conditions: 

1) A minimum of 14 days notice to the District Administrator, Clay Berry at of  league hosted fundamentals and safety clinics. Also at the same time, notify Steve Taylor, District Safety Officer, at of your plans for hosting a Safety Clinic or Danyell DiLena, District Coach Coordinator, at for hosting a Fundamentals Clinic. Give the type of clinic (fundamentals or safety or both) date, time, location and qualifications of the person(s) leading the clinic. This gives us time to notify LL Int'l of the clinic dates, review the qualifications of the person(s) leading the clinic, notify other leagues of the clinic and the opportunity to send a district representative to verify the clinic occurred and do a head count.

2) A sign-in sheet showing the name of the host league, clinic leader(s) date and type of clinic, location, printed first and last names, division and league. Downloadable example in District Handouts link on this website. You can modify the header to make it your own by clicking in each section.

3) An outline of the skills demonstrated for the Skills Clinic. Safety/EM power point and set of notes available in District Handouts link on this website. You should follow the handouts even if you do not use the ppt for league-hosted Safety Clinics.

4) As a courtesy, an invitation to other league's presidents to send participants (with an expectation of advance notice back so you can anticipate them), cc'd to Clay Berry and Steve Taylor. Steve Taylor will generate this email notice once the clinic is approved- sufficient advance notice, qualified presenter(s)...

5) 3 days after clinic was held: Notice to Clay Berry,  Steve Taylor and Tom Anglim of the clinic attendees via email - Date, Type of clinic, Presenter(s), Participants, Division and sorted by league they represent. It is helpful if this is put onto an excel spreadsheet. As soon as possible, snail mail or email a scanned copy of the actual sign-in sheet to Steve Taylor, District Safety Officer. Records will be kept of emails identifying clinic participants along with copies of the sign-in sheets for each clinic

6) Clinics should be scheduled no later than the first weekend in March. The D-33 sponsored Dorothy Dupont Memorial Tournament (DDM) will occur mid-March annually and coach eligibility will be determined by clinic participation- meeting D-33 Clinic Attendance Requirements stated above. Schedule your clinics no later than the first weekend in March to allow time to add the participant info to the D-33 Clinic Attendance List ahead of the DDM.  If you have any other questions regarding these requirements, please email me at 

Clay Berry 
District Administrator 
Ca District 33