CA District 33 Little League: 2014 All-Stars

2014 All-Star Tournament

Did you know that there are 5 levels in the All-Star Tournament? The first level is District. The second level is Sections. The third level is State. In Southern California, since there are many leagues, Little League has divided Southern California in half and have 2 tournaments called Sub-Divisions. The winner of the Sub-Division South plays the winner of the Sub-Division North in the Southern California State Championship tournament. After State are Regional's and finally the World Series. The lower divisions, 9/10's and 10/11's end their tournaments at the Southern California State Level. 

If you would like to know all the dates and locations of the various tournaments, take a look at our 2014 All Star Baseball Tournament Levels handout, to see where the road to the World Series will take you.

2014 District 33 All-Star Tournament Re-Cap

The District All-Star Tournament has ended.  Congratulations to the District All-Star winners and good luck in the Section 6 All-Star Section 6 Tournament! Want to know how your team did in the District Tournament? Take a look at the final brackets below for each division.

           Final District All-Star Brackets 
9-10's Baseball 10-11's Baseball Little League Baseball  Junior Baseball  Senior Baseball
2014 District All-Star Winners

Patriot American League - 2014 Senior Baseball District All-Star Tournament Champions

Mission Trails - 2014 Little League Baseball District All-Star Tournament Champions

Patriot National League - 2014 Juniors Baseball District All-Star Tournament Champions

San Carlos Little League - 2014 9-10's Baseball District All-Star Tournament Champions

San Carlos Little League - 2014 10-11's Baseball District All-Star Tournament Champions

2014 Section 6 All-Star Tournament
  The District All-Star winners will advance to the Section All-Star Tournament.  We are in Section 6, which includes the following Districts: District 31, District 32, District 33 and District 70. All District winners face each other in a double elimination tournament. District 33 is proud to host the Little League (11/12's) Baseball and Seniors Baseball Section 6 tournaments. These brackets will be updated nightly throughout the tournament.

Little League (11/12's) Baseball
Final Brackets:
Little League BB
Rules: D33 Guidelines
Directions to: Chollas Lake Little League
Seniors League Baseball
Final Brackets:
Seniors BB
Rules: D33 Guidelines
Directions to: Murphy Canyon Little League
District All-Star Information
Baseball Rules Difference Chart
Softball Rules Difference Chart
Little League Resources
LL Tournament Protest Form
   Pitch Count Data Sheet
   Pitcher Count Tracker
   MPR Tracking Sheet 
Line Up Card Instructions
AS Team Info Form
AS Team Check In Form
AS Tournament Announcement Sheet
Mike's Action Photos is our official photographer during the Little League and Senior Section tournaments, to view photos of your favorite player and/or team, just click on the logo and it will take you to his website. Password: D33  

Below is information for each division from other host Districts. Brackets will be updated by the host District during the tournament.

9/10's Baseball
Host: District 31 
Brackets: 9/10's BB
Rules: D31 Guidelines
Directions to: Escondido National Little League
10/11's Baseball
District 70
Brackets: 10/11's BB
Rules: D70 Guidelines Directions to: Rancho Buena Vista Little League 
Junior League Baseball
Host: District 32
Brackets: Juniors BB
Rules: D32 Guidelines
Directions to: Rancho Penasquitos Little League
 9-10's Softball
District 70
Brackets: 9/10's SB
Rules: D70 Guidelines 
Directions to: Oceanside Valley Little League

D33 All-Star Team Section Tournament Updates:

Want to know how the teams from District 33 did during the Section 6 All-Star Tournament?

9/10's Baseball
7/11/14: San Carlos (11) - D70 Rancho Buena Vista (1) 
7/12/14: San Carlos (13) - D31 Encinitas (21)

7/13/14: San Carlos (17) - D32 Rancho Penasquitas (7)
7/14/14: San Carlos (8) - D31 Encinitas (11)
San Carlos - Has been eliminated from the 9/10's Baseball Tournament

Junior Baseball
7/12/14: Patriot National  (1) - D70 Oceanside National (10)
7/14/14: Patriot National  (2) - D32 Peninsula (3)
Patriot National - Has been eliminated from the Junior Baseball Tournament 

Little League Baseball (11/12's)
7/12/14: Mission Trails (2) - D31 Encinitas (16)
7/13/14: Mission Trails (1) - D70 Oceanside National (11) 
Mission Trails - Has been eliminated from the Little League (11/12's) Baseball Tournament

10/11's Baseball
7/10/14: San Carlos (7) D31 Encinitas (11) 
7/12/14: San Carlos (13) - D70 Rancho Buena Vista (8)

7/13/14: San Carlos (1) - D31 Encinitas (8)
San Carlos - Has been eliminated from the 10/11's Baseball Tournament

Senior Baseball
7/11/14: Patriot American (2)  - D32 Clairemont Hilltoppers (4)
 Patriot American  (9) - D32 Clairemont Hilltoppers (6)
7/12/14: Patriot American  (7) - D32 Clairemont Hilltoppers (9)
Patriot American - Has been eliminated from the Senior Baseball Tournament

9/10's Softball
7/5/14: Rolando (17) - D66 Lemon Grove (7) 
7/6/14: Rolando (12) - D70 Oceanside Valley (22
7/7/14: Rolando (7) - D66 Lemon Grove (11)
Rolando - Has been eliminated from the 9/10's Softball Tournament

Big League Baseball
6/28/14: District 33 (1) - D32 Peninsula (12)
6/29/14: District 33 (5) - D32 Peninsula (9)
North Park, Mid City and Tierrasanta Combine Team - Has been eliminated for the Big League Baseball Tournament

10/11's All-Star So-Cal State Tournament
  All Section winners advance to the 3rd level of the 2014 All-Star Tournament called "Divisions or State." In Southern California, since there are many leagues, Little League has divided Southern California in half and have 2 tournaments called Sub-Divisions. D33 is proud to host the 10/11's Baseball Southern California South Sub-Division games at Chollas Lake Little League, July 19th thru July 24th.
The winner of the Southern Sub-Division games will advance to play a best two out of three with the Northern Sub-Division winner from July 26th – July 28th. District 19 will host the Sub-Division playoff in West Covina.

Below you will find information for the 10/11's tournament hosted by D33. We will update the brackets nightly.

Introduction:  Welcome Letter
T-Shirt Info:   T-Shirt Letter
Announce Sheet:
10-11 Sub-Div Announce Sheet 

Directions to:  Chollas Lake Little League 
D33 Sub-Division Guidelines
10/11's Southern California South Sub-Division Brackets

District All-Star Information
Line Up Card Instructions
AS Team Check In Form
Tournament Announcement Sheet
      Baseball Rules Difference Chart
      Little League Resources
      LL Tournament Protest Form 
 Pitch Count Data Sheet
 Pitcher Count Tracker
 MPR Tracking Sheet 
Mike's Action Photos was our official photographer during the 10/11's So-Cal Sub-Division South tournament, to view photos of your favorite player and/or team, just click on the logo and it will take you to his website. Password: D33  
Below is information for the other divisions playing in the Sub-Division South All-Star Tournament. 
9/10's Baseball
Host: District 42 
Brackets: 9/10's BB
Little League Baseball
 District 41  Brackets: Little League BB
Junior League Baseball
Host: District 32
Brackets: Juniors BB
Senior League Baseball
District 66
Brackets: Senior BB

Regional & World Series All-Star Tournaments Information
The fourth and fifth levels of the 2014 All Star Tournament for the upper divisions are the Regional and World Series. The lower divisions; 9/10's and 10/11's ended their tournament at the State level.  ESPN will be broadcasting these games on TV and on the internet.  Want to catch a game on TV or online?  Just want to see how the teams are doing in your division? Take a look at the following links below for up-to-date information from Little League International on the progess of the 2014 All Star Tournament. 
 Little League BB Junior League BB Senior League BB Big League BB 
 Little League SB Junior League SB  Senior League SB Big League SB 

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