CA District 33 Little League: 2013 All-Stars

2013 All-Stars Tournament


Did you know that there are 5 levels in the All-Stars Tournament? The first level is District. The second level is Sections. The third level is Divisions or State. In Southern California, since there are many leagues, Little League has divided Southern California in half and have 2 tournaments called Sub-Divisions. The North Sub-Division winner plays the South Sub-Division for the State Championship. After Divisions/State are Regional's and finally the World Series. The lower divisions, 9/10's and 10/11's end their tournaments at the State Level.

If you would like to know all the dates and locations of the various tournaments, take a look at our 2013 All-Stars Baseball Tournament Levels handout, to see where the road to the World Series will take you.  

World Series All-Stars Tournament

The final level of the Little League All-Stars Tournament is the World Series. The spotlight division for the World Series has always been the 11/12's that play in Williamsport PA. But there are 8 other divisions that end the All-Stars tournament with the World Series. Below are links to all the divisions final results that played in this year's World Series All-Stars Tournament.

  Baseball    Softball 
Little League Final (11/12's)   Little League Final (11/12's)
Juniors League Final (13/14's)   Juniors League Final (13/14's)
Seniors League Final (15/16's)   Seniors League Final (15/16's)
Big League Final (17/18's)   Big League Final (17/18's)
Intermediate 50/70 League Final     

Western Region All-Stars Tournament

The fourth level of the All-Star tournament is the Regional level.  District 33 is in the Western Region for both Baseball and Softball. Unfortunately, we do not have any teams representing  D33 playing in this level of the All-Stars Tournament. But if you are interested in following the tournament, then click on the links below to view all Western Regional final results.

Baseball     Softball
Little League Little League
Junior League Junior League
Senior League   Senior League
Intermediate 50/70 League BB    


9-10's All-Stars So-Cal State Tournament
The 3rd level of the 2013 All-Star Tournament is called "Divisions or State." In Southern California, since there are many leagues,  Little League has divided Southern California in half and have 2 tournaments called Sub-Divisions. The North Sub-Division winner plays the South Sub-Division for the title of Southern California State Champion. This is the final level of the tournament for this division. District 33 was proud to host the 9/10's level of the tournament and congratulates Sherman Oaks Little League for winning the Southern California 9/10's State All-Stars Tournament. 

Final State Championship Brackets: 9/10's So-Cal State Championship Brackets
Final South Sub-Division Brackets:
9/10's So-Cal South Sub-Division Brackets

Mike's Action Photos was our official photographer during the All-Stars District, Section and Division Tournaments, to view photos of your favorite team, just click on the Action Pass to the right and it will take you to his website.   


10/11's Southern California Division Tournament Re-Cap
Final Brackets: 10/11's Division BB
Allied Gardens Little League lost their second game in the So-Cal State Championship tournament against Encino Little League on Sunday night (7/28). Congratulations to Allied Gardens for their outstanding run in this year's All Stars tournament and for their 2nd place finish in the 2013 Southern California 10/11's Baseball All-Stars Tournament.
Game Results:
Saturday July 27th: Allied Gardens vs S2 D40 Encino - AG loses 4 to 1
Sunday July 28th: Allied Gardens vs S2 D40 Encino - AG loses 10 to 4

Southern California South Sub-Division Tournament Re-Cap
D33 had 2 teams advance to the Southern California South Sub-Division Tournaments Allied Gardens in the 10/11's and Patriot Mission Trails in the Junior Division. Below are the results of each of the tournaments.

Allied Gardens Little League - 2013 South Sub-Division 10/11's Baseball Champions 


10/11's Southern California South Sub-Division Tournament
Final Brackets: 10/11's South Sub-Division BB
Game Results:
Saturday July 20th @ 3:00pm: Allied Gardens vs (Sect.10 D62) Ocean View - AG won 4 to 1
Sunday July 21st @ 6:30pm: Allied Gardens vs (Sect.7 D42) Sweetwater Valley - AG won 6 to 4
Monday July 22nd @ 7:00pm: Allied Gardens vs (Sect.8 D71) Vineyard - AG won 13 to 8
Wednesday July 24th @6:30pm: Allied Gardens vs (Sect.7 D42) Sweetwater Valley - AG won 6 to 0
Allied Gardens Little League - 2013 So-Cal South Sub-Division Champions

Juniors Southern California South Sub-Division Tournament
The road to the World Series came to an end for the Patriot Mission Trails team on Tuesday July 23rd when they recorded their 2nd loss in the Sub-Division tournament. PMT finished the All-Stars tournament with a 12- 3 record. After starting off the tournament with a loss, they put together a 10 game winning streak and won 2 flags. Congratulations on a good run in this year's tournament.
Game Results:
Saturday July 20th: Patriots Mission Trails vs (Sect.10 D68) Trabuco Canyon - PMT loses 12 to 1
Sunday July 21st: Patriot Mission Trails vs (Sect.8 D71) Fontana Community - PMT won 16 to 6
Monday July 22nd: Patriot Mission Trails vs (Sect.9 D24) Canyon Springs - PMT won 17 to 14
Tuesday July 23rd: Patriot Mission Trails vs (Sect.7 D22) Brawley - PMT loses 12 to 3
Patriot Mission Trails eliminated 


Section 6 All-Stars Tournament Re-Cap


The Section 6 All-Stars Tournament has ended.  Congratulations to Allied Gardens Little League and Patriot Mission Trails for winning the Section 6 flags in the 10/11's and Junior Divisions.  Good luck to both teams in the upcoming Division "State" Tournaments.  Want to know how the other teams from D33 did in the Section tournament, their results are below. 

9-10's Baseball
Final Brackets: 
9-10's BB  
10-11's Baseball
Final Brackets:
10-11's BB
Little League Baseball
Final Brackets:
 11-12's BB
Junior League Baseball
Final Brackets: 
Junior BB
Seniors League Baseball
Final Brackets:
 Senior BB
 9-10's Softball
Final Brackets: 
9-10's SB

Allied Gardens Little League - The 2013  Section 6 All-Star 10/11's Baseball Tournament Champions 

Patriot Mission Trails -  The 2013 Section 6 All-Star Junior Baseball Tournament Champions 

9-10's Baseball
Saturday 7/13 @ 10:00am: San Carlos vs (D32) Point LomaSC loses 3 to 2
Sunday 7/14 @ 1:00pm: San Carlos vs (D70) Rancho Buena Vista - SC won 10 to 0
Monday 7/15 @ 5:30pm: San Carlos vs (D31) Encinitas - SC won 7 to 3
Tuesday 7/16 @5:30pm: San Carlos vs (D32) Point Loma - SC loses 20 to 10
San Carlos eliminated

10-11's Baseball
Sunday 7/14 @ 6:00pm: Allied Gardens vs (D31) Escondido American - AG won 10 to 0
Tuesday 7/16 @ 7:00pm: Allied Gardens vs (D70) Oceanside National - AG loses 2 to 1
Wednesday 7/17 @7:00: Allied Gardens vs (D70) Oceanside National - AG won 15 to 5
Allied Gardens - Section 6 Champions

Little League 11-12's Baseball

Saturday 7/13 @ 11:00am: Mission Trails vs (D70) Oceanside National  - MT loses 14 to 1
Tuesday July 16th @ 5:30pm: Mission Trails vs (D31) Encinitas National - MT loses 6 to 5
Mission Trails eliminated

Junior Baseball
Saturday 7/13 @  4:00pm: Patriot Mission Trails vs (D70) Oceanside National - PMT won 3 to 2
Sunday 7/14 @ 1:00pm: Patriot Mission Trails vs (D31) Encinitas - PMT won 10 to 9
Tuesday 7/16 @ 6:00pm: Patriot Mission Trails vs (D70) Oceanside National  - PMT won 8 to 7
Patriot Mission Trails - Section 6 Champions

Senior Baseball
Saturday 7/13 @ 11:00am: Patriot National/American vs (D32) Peninsula - Patriots loses 11 to 1
Monday 7/15 @ 5:00pm: Patriot National/American vs (D32) Peninsula - Patriots loses 2 to 1
Patriot National/American eliminated

9-10's Softball:
Friday 7/5 @ 5:00pm: North Park vs (D70) Oceanside  - NP loses 21 to 11
Saturday 7/7 @ 1:00pm: North Park vs (D70) Oceanside  - NP loses 21 to 16
North Park eliminated 


2013 District All-Stars Tournament Re-Cap
The District All-Stars Tournament has concluded for all Divisions. Congratulations to all the District All-Star winners and good luck in the Section 6 All-Star Tournament. Below are the Final Distict All-Star brackets for each division.

Final District All-Stars Brackets 
9-10's Baseball 
10-11's Baseball 
Little League (11-12's) Baseball 
Junior Baseball 
Senior Baseball

Congratulations to all the District 33 All-Star Winners

San Carlos Little League - 2013 9-10's Baseball District All-Star Tournament Champions

Mission Trails Little League - 2013 11-12's Baseball District All-Star Tournament Champions

Patriot Mission Trails - 2013 Junior Baseball District All-Star Tournament Champions

Allied Gardens Little League - 2013 10/11's Baseball District All-Star Tournament Champions

Patriot League National/American - 2013 Senior Baseball District All-Star Tournament Champions

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