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2013 Junior Spring Tournament Re-Cap
April 19th-21st, April 26th-28th  
Brackets: JrSpr #1 Final   JrSpr #2 Final

Patriot League Waves - 2013 Junior Spring Champs #1

District 33 was proud to host the 2nd Annual 90' Junior Spring Baseball Tournament #1 and #2 on April 19th- April 21st and April 26th- April 27th 2013. Eight teams from District 33 represented their leagues in Tournament #1 and six teams from D33 and two teams from the Bay Area (District 57) played in Tournament #2.

Patriot League Wildcats - 2013 Junior Spring Champs #2

The weather was good on both weekends and we hope everyone enjoyed this mid-season tournament for the Junior Baseball Division.   Congratulations to the Patriot League for winning titles in both of the tournaments. Congratulations to the Waves for their come from behind win in the championship game in Tournament #1 and to the Wildcats for their win in Tournament #2.  We would like to thank District 57 for sending the  PNL P-Town and the PAL Phillies from the Bay Area to play in Tournament #2.  

Mike's Action Photos took some greats shots during the tournament, be sure to check them out on his website. Album Password: D33

6th Annual CBI Tournament Re-Cap
April 12th - April 14th, 2013

San Carlos Little League Angels - 2013 CBI Champs 

Final Brackets:
2013 CBI Brackets  

The 6th Annual CBI Tournament is in the books. We hope it was an experience that the players will always remember. A special "thank you" goes out to all the volunteers, parents, coaches and umpires who made the trip up to Western Region to give the players an experience of playing in one of Little League's premier venues. 

Congratulations to the San Carlos Little League Angels for winning the 6th Annual CBI tournament and taking home the flag.

Mike's Action Photos
took some greats shots during the tournament, be sure to check them out on his website. Album Password: D33

5th Annual Dorothy Dupont Memorial Tournament Re-Cap

LMNLL Reds - 2013 Dorothy Dupont Memorial Tournament Champs

March 22nd thru March 24th 2013
2013 DDM Final   

The Spring Tournament took on it's new name this year; The Dorothy Dupont Memorial Tournament.  Dorothy Dupont was a valuable Little League volunteer in District 33 since 1978. She lost her battle with kidney cancer and passed away on February 14th 2012. She served in many capacities, starting with Mission Village Little League (the previous name of Serra Mesa).  Dorothy was instrumental as the President of Mission Village of obtaining the use of the property and moving the league to the present location. She was on the Distict Staff before Clay was the District Administrator and did all the District game schedules. District 33 is honored to have Dorothy name representing this tournament. 

Congratulation to La Mesa National Little League's Reds for capturing the DDM Flag. Thanks to all the volunteers at Murphy Canyon Little League for hosting this tournament. 

  Mike's Action Photos took some greats shots during the tournament, be sure to check them out on his website. 
Album Password: D33

2012 Juniors Spring Tournament Re-Cap
April 20th thru 22nd, 2012
Final Brackets:
Jr Spring Tournament Brackets

Patriot League Rays - 2012 Junior Spring Tournament Champs 

District 33 hosted the first annual Junior Spring Baseball Tournament, April 20th thru April 22nd 2012. We had 8 Junior Division teams playing in this tournament from Murphy Canyon, North Park, Patriots, Tierrasanta and Serra Mesa. We owe many thanks to the great volunteers at Murphy Canyon for hosting the majority of the tournament games. What a great job Shannon and his group did to pull this off. They were there for many hours all three days.
Also, thanks to Serra Mesa and the Patriots for hosting games to make this tournament possible.
We also had a great group of umpires doing the games and once again they did an excellent job. Congratulations to the Patriot League Rays for winning the tournament.

As always, Mike's Action Photos took some greats shots during the tournament, be sure to check them out on his website. Album Password: D33

2012 Juniors Spring Tournament - Week 1 Re-Cap

 April 14th and 15th, 2012

Because of the rain, we had to make some adjustments to our 1st Annual Junior Spring Tournament Week 1. Since we invited 2 teams from the Bay Area to participate in this tournament, we played 3 exhibitions games with the District 57 teams. The PAL D57 Phillies could not stay for their 2nd game against Mid City on Sunday because they needed to head back to the Bay Area.  Murphy Canyon stepped up and fielded a team to play Mid City at the last minute for game 4.

Mike's Action Photos
took some greats shots on Sunday, be sure to check them out on his website. Album Password: D33

We would like to thank everyone involved in this tournament / exhibition games for being flexible with our decisions to get some games played this weekend. 

Final Results

Game 1   Tierrasanta Giants: 0           D57 P-Town Gold: 12
Game 2   PAL D57 Phillies: 12            Patriot Giants: 16
Game 3   PAL D57 P-Town Gold: 6    Patriot Angels: 0
Game 4   Murphy Canyon Orioles: 8   Mid City: 4

5th Annual CBI Tournament Re-Cap
March 30th - April 1st, April 7th 2012
Final Brackets:
2012 CBI Brackets 

San Carlos Little League Phillies - 2012 CBI Champs 

The 5th Annual CBI Tournament took two weeks, a trip out of town and 3 fields to complete. When Mother Nature rained us out at Western Region, Murphy Canyon LL step up to the plate and offered their fields for us to complete the tournament, back here in San Diego. Thanks to Shannon and his MCLL board for doing what ever it took to get the games in. 
Congratulation to San Carlos Little League's Phillies for winning the 5th CBI Flag. 

Mike's Action Photos took some greats shots during the tournament, be sure to check them out on his website. Album Password: D33


4th Annual Spring Tournament Re-Cap
March 23rd thru March 25th 

SCLL Cardinals - 2012 District Spring Tournament Champs 

2012 Spring Tournament Brackets

The 4th Annual Spring Tournament was held March 23rd thru March 25th at Murphy Canyon Little League's Damato and Santo fields. Congratulation to San Carlos Little League's Cardinals for capturing the Distict Flag. Thanks to all the volunteers at Murphy Canyon Little League for hosting this tournament. 

Mike's Action Photos took some greats shots during the tournament, be sure to check them out on his website. 
Album Password: D33


2011 MCLL International Tournament
August 5th thru August 7th, 2011    


La Mesa National -The 2011 MCLL International Tournament Champs

The first ever International Tournament in District 33 is now completed. Congratulations to La Mesa National Little League for capturing the flag. If you attended the tournament, you saw some great baseball. We would like to thank the Moscow Cardinals for sharing their experiences with all of us in District 33. A special thanks goes out to everyone at Murphy Canyon Little League for making this tournament possible. It was more than a baseball tournament, District 33 opened up their homes as host families to the Moscow Cardinals and shared what it's like living and playing little league baseball in San Diego.

3rd Annual Spring Tournament Re-Cap
April 1-3, 2011


La Mesa National Orioles - 2011 Spring Tournament Champs

Congratulations to the La Mesa National Orioles for capturing the 3rd Annual Spring Tournament flag with a shutout win over the Mission Trails' Padres in the Championship game. D33 would like to thank all the leagues and their teams for making this event happen. We hope everyone had a good time and we're planning on doing it again next year. Aside from some great baseball, the umpire crews from around the District did some outstanding work on the field.  And finally, we also like to say "Job well done!"  to Murphy Canyon Little League and their volunteers for hosting both the Spring and CBI tournaments this year.  

4th Annual CBI Tournament Re-Cap
March 25-27, 2011 

Lake Murray White Sox - 2011 CBI Champs

Congratulations to Lake Murray White Sox for winning the 4th Annual CBI Tournament, with a 7 to 6 win over Allied Gardens in the Championship game. Congratulations to all the teams that played in the tournament, everyone showed good sportsmanship. A special thanks to Murphy Canyon Little League for hosting the tournament, to all their volunteers for helping out. And finally a big thanks to the umpire crews for scrambling to cover all the games with the last minute game start changes due to Mother Nature.

3rd Annual CBI Tournament Re-Cap
March 26-28, 2010

 Congratulations to SCLL Pirates for winning the 2010 CBI

We had a challenging tournament. The lights did not work due to someone stealing the copper wire from them. The first night we had gale force winds that blew down the tents of those that were tent camping on the grass. We had to change the schedule and make  adjustments on the fly.

There was a great deal of adversity and pressure often reveals character. In this case I can only complement the players, coaches, managers, umpires and parents for their outstanding character. There were few if any complaints. There was a great deal of perseverance, endurance and making it work. I believe that the kids enjoyed the weekend and most if not all did not notice the difficulties that were overcome by every ones hard work. Once again it proved that this district is made up of great people and that is what makes it great.

In the end San Carlos Little League captured the flag. Chuck Cadwalader from Lake Murray Little League was chosen as the "Outstanding Manager" of the tournament.

The umpires did a great job. There were many volunteers that helped prep the field, run the snack bar and clean up that also did a great job.

Thanks again to the outstanding job that Tom Stoddard did in organizing, running the tournament while finding time to umpire several games, a man that did it all.


2nd Annual District 33 Spring Tournament Re-Cap


SCLL Red Sox wins the 2010 Spring Tournament

March 26-28, 2010 

Congratulations to San Carlos Little League for capturing the flag for the Second Annual District 33 Spring Tournament hosted by Murphy Canyon Little League. 

District 33 was proud to have  as our Official SpringTournament  Photographer. Parents will be able to go online to view/purchase photos of the players in the tournament.  If you would like to see the photos online, please click on the following link: D33 Spring Tourney and enter the password: D33. CD's will be available for purchase as well, please contact Mike for details. 

2009 CBI Tournament at Western Region Re-Cap


 Congratulations to La Mesa National

The second annual CBI Tournament was a great success. There were 8 leagues that participated, Mission Trails, Rolando, Tierrasanta, La Mesa National, North Park, Mid City, San Carlos and Lake Murray. We could not have asked for nicer weather. Each team was able to play three games. La Mesa National won the flag with a tough victory over Tierrasanta. The teams that played will go away with lasting memories and friendships that will last. One of the benefits from staying on site at Western Region Headquarters is the bonding that takes place among team members. The players loved playing in the same stadium that they see on television during the regional finals. We all had a great time. Congratulations to North Park's manager, Mike Candelario, who was presented with the CBI Manager's Sportsmanship Award. Mike is a great credit to his league and to Little League Baseball.

2009 CBI Umpire Crew

3rd place game crew (blue jerseys)
left to right: John Perretta (North Park) Tom Stoddard (Mid City) Olivier Wardenaar (D33 umpire staff) Charles Willkomm (Mission Trails)

Champ. game crew (black jerseys)
left to right: Bill Owens (D33 umpire staff) Alex Akashian (D33 umpire staff) Mark Beall (D33 umpire staff) Levon Akashian (D33 UIC)

2009 District 33 Spring Tournament Re-Cap
March 27th thru March 29th, 2009

The First Annual District 33 Spring Tournament was held Friday, March 27th thru 29th at Murphy Canyon Little League’s, Santo and Damato Fields. The tournament was a tremendous success as Major Division teams from eight District 33 Little Leagues participated. The Championship game was a thriller under the lights as the Padres from Kearny Mesa Little League came back from four runs down in the bottom of the sixth inning to earn the win from the Bears of Rolando Little League.
Congratulations to all the teams who played hard for each other during the event. Special gratitude goes out to the volunteer umpires who took time to work the games and ensure a fair and well played tournament.

2009 Spring Champs
Kearny Mesa Little League - 2009 Spring Tournament Champions

The 2008 Clay Berry Invitational Baseball Tournament Re-Cap
March 28-30, 2008

The Clay Berry Invitational Tournament at Western Region was held on the March 28th thru March 30th. This was the first time that D33 used the Western Region facilities to host a tournament. While we hoped it would be a good time and a success, what took place far exceeded any expectations that we possibly had. We would like to thank all the managers, coaches, parents and players for representing their league and our District with such class. The standard of excellence we strive for in this District was clearly upheld at this tournament. Jim Gerstenslager, Western Region Director, complimented the conduct of our players in and around the facility. He was impressed with the attention to detail in regards to safety and believed it was the first time he had hosted and not spotted a safety violation regarding, catcher equipment, on-deck-batters, helmets or other issues. Needless to say he was very much impressed with the way our leagues conducted their business as well as themselves. A special "Thank You" goes out to Tom Stoddard, President of Mid City Little League, for the great work that he did organizing this inaugural tournament at Western Region. We are glad that Tom paid attention to Jim Gerstenslager's speech at last year's District Dinner. What a tremendous asset he is to our District. One area of concern we had going into this tournament was getting umpires. As it turned out we had so many great umpire volunteer we were able to use 4 umpires on each game. It ended up being a great experience for all the umpires that attended. All the games were well played and a few with some exciting endings. We had one young man from Mid City pitch a 6-inning perfect game only to lose in extra innings. We had an exciting game between Lake Murray and La Mesa National that was won on a late two run home run. We also would like to thank Riddell for providing all the balls for the tournament and Powerade for providing sports drinks for every team. We hope that everyone who attended the CBI Tournament had a great time and can't wait to do this again. Congratulations to all the teams that participated and to La Mesa National White Sox for bringing home the flag.

LMN WhiteSox CBI Champs
Congratulations to La Mesa National White Sox for winning the Clay Berry Invitational

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