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Our District is located in San Diego California and is comprised of 15 leagues. Our area covers parts of San Diego and La Mesa from Balboa Park to Mount Helix from Highway 94 to Highway 52. Please take a look at our League Boundaries Map for further details.

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Helping young people develop character, discipline and teamwork while maintaining physical
and emotional well being through Little League Baseball.



2014 All-Star Tournament

Did you know that there are 5 levels in the All-Star Tournament? The first level is District. The second level is Sections. The third level is State. In Southern California, since there are many leagues, Little League has divided Southern California in half and have 2 tournaments called Sub-Divisions. The winner of the Sub-Division South plays the winner of the Sub-Division North in the Southern California State Championship tournament. After State are Regional's and finally the World Series. The lower divisions, 9/10's and 10/11's end their tournaments at the Southern California State Level. 

If you would like to know all the dates and locations of the various tournaments, take a look at our 2014 All Star Baseball Tournament Levels handout, to see where the road to the World Series will take you.

Regional & World Series All-Star Tournaments Information

The fourth and fifth levels of the 2014 All Star Tournament for the upper divisions are the Regional and World Series. The lower divisions; 9/10's and 10/11's ended their tournament at the State level.  ESPN will be broadcasting these games on TV and on the internet.  Want to catch a game on TV or online?  Just want to see how the teams are doing in your division? Take a look at the following links below for up-to-date information from Little League International on the progess of the 2014 All Star Tournament. 
 Little League BB Junior League BB Senior League BB Big League BB 
 Little League SB Junior League SB  Senior League SB Big League SB 

10/11's All-Star So-Cal State Tournament

  All Section winners advance to the 3rd level of the 2014 All-Star Tournament called "Divisions or State." In Southern California, since there are many leagues, Little League has divided Southern California in half and have 2 tournaments called Sub-Divisions. D33 is proud to host the 10/11's Baseball Southern California South Sub-Division games at Chollas Lake Little League, July 19th thru July 24th.
The winner of the Southern Sub-Division games will advance to play a best two out of three with the Northern Sub-Division winner from July 26th – July 28th. District 19 will host the Sub-Division playoff in West Covina.

Below you will find information for the 10/11's tournament hosted by D33. We will update the brackets nightly.

Introduction:  Welcome Letter
T-Shirt Info:   T-Shirt Letter
Announce Sheet:
10-11 Sub-Div Announce Sheet 

Directions to:  Chollas Lake Little League 
D33 Sub-Division Guidelines
10/11's Southern California South Sub-Division Brackets

District All-Star Information
Line Up Card Instructions
AS Team Check In Form
Tournament Announcement Sheet
      Baseball Rules Difference Chart
      Little League Resources
      LL Tournament Protest Form 
 Pitch Count Data Sheet
 Pitcher Count Tracker
 MPR Tracking Sheet 
Mike's Action Photos was our official photographer during the 10/11's So-Cal Sub-Division South tournament, to view photos of your favorite player and/or team, just click on the logo and it will take you to his website. Password: D33  
Below is information for the other divisions playing in the Sub-Division South All-Star Tournament. 
9/10's Baseball
Host: District 42 
Brackets: 9/10's BB
Little League Baseball
 District 41  Brackets: Little League BB
Junior League Baseball
Host: District 32
Brackets: Juniors BB
Senior League Baseball
District 66
Brackets: Senior BB

Section 6 All-Star Tournament Re-Cap

  The District All-Star winners advanced to the Section 6 All-Star Tournament. Section 6, includes the following Districts: District 31, District 32, District 33 and District 70. All District winners faced each other in a double elimination tournament. District 33 was proud to host the Little League (11/12's) Baseball and Seniors Baseball Section 6 tournaments. Below are the final brackets for the Little League Baseball and Senior Baseball Divisions.
Little League (11/12's) Baseball
Final Brackets:
Little League BB
Seniors League Baseball
Final Brackets:
Seniors BB
Mike's Action Photos  was our official photographer during the Little League and Senior Section tournaments, to view photos of your favorite player and/or team, just click on the logo and it will take you to his website. Password: D33  

Want to know how the teams from District 33 did during the Section 6 All-Star Tournament?
/10's Baseball
7/11/14: San Carlos (11) - D70 Rancho Buena Vista (1) 
7/12/14: San Carlos (13) - D31 Encinitas (21)
7/13/14: San Carlos (17) - D32 Rancho Penasquitas (7)
7/14/14: San Carlos (8) - D31 Encinitas (11)
San Carlos - Has been eliminated from the 9/10's Baseball Tournament

Junior Baseball
7/12/14: Patriot National  (1) - D70 Oceanside National (10)
7/14/14: Patriot National  (2) - D32 Peninsula (3)
Patriot National - Has been eliminated from the Junior Baseball Tournament 

Little League Baseball (11/12's)
7/12/14: Mission Trails (2) - D31 Encinitas (16)
7/13/14: Mission Trails (1) - D70 Oceanside National (11) 
Mission Trails - Has been eliminated from the Little League (11/12's) Baseball Tournament

10/11's Baseball
7/10/14: San Carlos (7) D31 Encinitas (11) 
7/12/14: San Carlos (13) - D70 Rancho Buena Vista (8)

7/13/14: San Carlos (1) - D31 Encinitas (8)
San Carlos - Has been eliminated from the 10/11's Baseball Tournament

Senior Baseball
7/11/14: Patriot American (2)  - D32 Clairemont Hilltoppers (4)
 Patriot American  (9) - D32 Clairemont Hilltoppers (6)
7/12/14: Patriot American  (7) - D32 Clairemont Hilltoppers (9)
Patriot American - Has been eliminated from the Senior Baseball Tournament

9/10's Softball
7/5/14: Rolando (17) - D66 Lemon Grove (7) 
7/6/14: Rolando (12) - D70 Oceanside Valley (22
7/7/14: Rolando (7) - D66 Lemon Grove (11)
Rolando - Has been eliminated from the 9/10's Softball Tournament

Big League Baseball
6/28/14: District 33 (1) - D32 Peninsula (12)
6/29/14: District 33 (5) - D32 Peninsula (9)
North Park, Mid City and Tierrasanta Combine Team - Has been eliminated for the Big League Baseball Tournament

2014 District 33 All-Star Tournament Re-Cap


The District All-Star Tournament has ended.  Congratulations to the District All-Star winners and good luck in the Section 6 All-Star Section 6 Tournament! Want to know how your team did in the District Tournament? Take a look at the final brackets below for each division.

           Final District All-Star Brackets 
9-10's Baseball 10-11's Baseball Little League Baseball  Junior Baseball  Senior Baseball
2014 District All-Star Winners

Patriot American League - 2014 Senior Baseball District All-Star Tournament Champions

Mission Trails - 2014 Little League Baseball District All-Star Tournament Champions

Patriot National League - 2014 Juniors Baseball District All-Star Tournament Champions

San Carlos Little League - 2014 9-10's Baseball District All-Star Tournament Champions

San Carlos Little League - 2014 10-11's Baseball District All-Star Tournament Champions

2014 Tournament of Champions Re-Cap

The District Tournament of Champions has ended. Congratulations to all the winners. Special thanks to all the volunteers who gave countless hours for this tournament. We couldn't have done it without your help. Below are the final brackets for each division.


Final Baseball Brackets
TOC BB Majors 
TOC BB Minors 
TOC BB Juniors  


     Final Softball Brackets 
      TOC SB Minors


2014 Tournament of Champions Winners

Congratulations to Serra Mesa Athletics for winning the 2014 District 33 TOC Major Baseball Flag  

Congratulations to Serra Mesa River Bandits for winning the 2014 District 33 TOC Minor Baseball Flag  

 Congratulations to the Tierrasanta Indians for winning the 2014 District 33 TOC Junior Baseball Flag 

 Congratulations to the Rolando Bandits for winning the 2014 District 33 TOC Minor Softball Flag 

2014 District 33 Award Dinner Re-Cap

Our annual District Awards Dinner was held on May 3rd at the Sheraton Harbor Island Bay Tower.   For the second year in a row, we would like to send out a special "thank you" to Angela Engquist, (District Event/Program Coordinator) for her hard work in setting up the event and coordinating with the Sheraton to accommodate this year's dinner.  "Fanatic" was the theme and many dressed the part. Prizes were given out for the best costumes, gifts donated by leagues and staff were raffled off and a 50/50 draw for over $450.00 was handed out to one lucky winner.

District awards were handed out to special individuals that have showed outstanding dedication of Little League Baseball and Softball in our San Diego area. Be sure to thank them when you see them at the fields for all their hard work and dedication to the youth of San Diego. District 33 is proud to present the following awards to these outstanding volunteers in our local leagues for 2014.  Dan Esqueda (Assistant District Administrator) had the honor of handing out this year's awards.

The District Service Award

These awards are given to individuals nominated by their league that has several years of outstanding service to their league as well as having impacted the District by serving the other leagues in some capacity, usually by being involved in tournaments or something district wide. The 2014 District Service Award recipients are... 

Alisa Carini
Allied Gardens Little League

 Mario & Brandi Torres
Kearny Mesa Little League

Raul Casillas
Chollas Lake Little League

Mario Pappazi
San Carlos Little League

JP Prater
Serra Mesa Little League

Andy Carver
Serra Mesa Little League


The Umpire of the Year Award & Umpire Service Award
These awards are given to an outstanding umpire who are recognized for his/her skills and dedication to umpiring for that year. Mark Beall (District Umpire Consultant) had the honor of handing out these awards. The 2014 Umpire of the Year & Umpire Service Award recipients are...

David Graham 
Allied Gardens Little League

Sami Kern
Chollas Lake Little League

The Spirit of Little League Coaches Award
This award is given to two managers or coaches that demonstrate the double goal coaching that role models the spirit of Little League. The 2014 Spirit of Little League Coaches Award recipients are...

Pete Famolaro
Allied Gardens Little League

Andy Carver
Serra Mesa Little League

Scott Simmons Leadership Award
The criteria for the award is for someone that has impacted the local league, especially in bringing about compliance to Little League rules and regulations, has set a standard in regards to choosing managers and coaches with character, has demonstrated a willingness to address issues such as poor sportsmanship either among spectators, coaches, managers or players. To demonstrate courage and character in dealing with issues at the local league level. The 2014 Scott Simmons Award recipient is...

 Scott Lindbeck
Serra Mesa Little League

The Jim Jones Award
This award is given to the outstanding volunteer in our District. It goes to someone that has showed commitment and sacrifice above and beyond. The 2014 Jim Jones Award recipient is...

Steve Taylor
Serra Mesa Little League


2014 District Staff

(left to right) - Bob Diosdado, Steve Taylor, Pete Gregorivic, David Graham, Angela Engquist, Tom Anglim, Carol Hill, Clay Berry, Sami Kern, Josie Thomas, Bill Owens, Mark Beall, Dan Esqueda and Olivier Wardenaar  (not pictured) - Shannon Thomas and Kendra Swhartz 

Why do individuals volunteer their time to Little League Umpire?

Bill Owens 

 For many reasons would be the simple answer.  However, for Bill Owens from the Patriot League, Little League umpiring is an activity which he demonstrates a great passion.  Over the years Bill has umpired an average of 60 games a year to demonstrate his commitment to the youth of Little League Baseball.  He has worked hard over the last 22 years to develop himself as an outstanding volunteer umpire.  His on the field expertise shows to the youth of Little League how hard work and commitment builds skill and professionalism.  Bill has been active in Little League at many levels.  He has coached and managed, a Board member for over 18 years, an active member of the California District 33 Staff as well as a contributor on the District Umpire Staff.  Over the years Bill has been honored in a variety ways with the Umpire of the Year and Umpire Service Awards.  He has also has received the District 33 Service Award.  

California District 33 is honored to announce that Bill Owens has been selected to umpire in the 2014 Juniors Regional Tournament in Vancouver, Washington in August.  His selection is evidence of Bill’s commitment to the Little League Program as both a volunteer and an umpire.

Congratulations to Bill on his selection.  Also we wish to thank his wife Barrie and son Brian for sharing Bill with us.  

Mark Beall
Umpire Consultant
California District 33  

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How to Stop a Bullying Coach

By Patrick Cohn, Ph.D. and Lisa Cohn

Bullying is a growing epidemic in sports. As sports parents, it's critical for you to be prepared to protect your young athletes. If you think this issue won't ever come up in your kids' sports careers, think again. Bully coaches are the number one topic parents write us about at Kids' Sports Psychology.

Have your kids ever had a coach who yelled at, insulted or intimidated them? It's possible they have, but were too embarrassed to tell you. It's important for you to be on the lookout for bully coaches and to take immediate action if you suspect your young athletes are being bullied.

Bully coaches target all kinds of young athletes. They can set their sights on kids who are overweight, small, or who lack confidence, for instance. These coaches also target gifted athletes because they believe their approach will "toughen up" their athletes.

It's important to keep in mind that most volunteer coaches are not trained. Many of them use teaching techniques that their coaches used with them. Some of them don't understand they're acting like bullies. Many coaches will change their behavior if you approach them in an appropriate manner. We've received letters of confession from coaches who say that once they understood how much their words and actions hurt their athletes, they changed their style. More: 6 Tips for Coaching Your Own Child

Whether a coach's bullying is intentional or unintentional, your job as sports parents is the same. If your athletes are teased, excluded or otherwise treated badly by coaches, you need to take steps to help keep their confidence intact, stay focused under adversity, and remain in sports.

The bottom line, for you as parents: Be on the lookout for bully coaches and arm yourself with the information you need to take action.

Stories From the Trenches
The many sports parents who have written us about bullying say their young athletes are teased, harassed, intimidated and threatened by bully coaches. Here's what some sports parents tell us:

"My daughter was bullied relentlessly on her high school gymnastics team by her coach. She was screamed at in front of her entire team after every meet, called names, criticized for everything, including how she talked, how she looked, what she wore. She was hanged in effigy." - Sports Parent

"Our teenage son's football experience has soured because of coaches who do not want their players to have any fun. One practice his coach told him to get in line for a drill and he told the coach his shoulder and arm hurt too much. The coach told him to quit whining over aches and get in line. When my son refused, from that day on their relationship has been bad. Eventually we took him to doctors and he missed the rest of the season." ~ Sports Parent.  For more stories from parents visit the Youth Sports Psychology blog

How Bully Coaches Affect Kid's Experience
Youth coaches are critical to kids' sports experiences. They can influence whether young athletes enjoy sports and want to continue to play. Some coaches get kids fired up about playing sports, while other coaches may discourage kids or take the fun out of sports. A good coach can keep kids' interest in sports alive.

Bullied kids think there is something wrong with them. This deflates them and creates a lack of comfort and security in sports. Often, young athletes' first reaction to being treated this way is shame. They don't want to talk about their experience. They feel as if they somehow caused the coaches to treat them badly.

What's more, bullying can hurt an athlete's confidence—in and out of sports. Sometimes kids say they can't get a bully's negative words out of their heads.

Kids who are bullied experience difficulty focusing on what they should focus on. They sometimes obsess about what a coach might say or do if they make mistakes or do something wrong. The kids are in fear. They focus on the wrong things during sports because they are preoccupied with gaining approval from the coach (or not disappointing the coach). Often they are afraid of how the coach will react if they make a bad move or decision.

Behaviors of Bully Coaches
Bully coaches often yell at, tease, humiliate and intimidate kids. Parents should never underestimate the importance of this type of behavior. It can really hurt kids' self-esteem.

As sports parents it's your job to ensure your athletes are in good hands. Bully coaches do NOT toughen up your young athletes, as they might insist. They don't improve kids' performance, either.

Coaches who bully—either with harsh words or physical harm—can hurt young athletes' self-esteem, undermine their social skills and make it hard for them to trust. In some cases, these coaches can make kids feel anxious and depressed.  More: 3 Sports Psychology Tips for Parents and Coaches

What's more, coaches who use such negative feedback are generally focused too much on one thing: winning or turning out elite athletes. They give kids the message that winning is everything. That makes kids focus too much on outcomes—such as the score or win. It can prevent them from reaping the social and emotional benefits of taking part in sports.

Focusing too much on the score or winning also can hurt kids' performance. They often develop fear of failure. That means they stop taking risks and they play too tentatively. That's because they're afraid the coach will yell at them or punish them.

Take Action
Before you even sign your kids up for a team, it's entirely appropriate and reasonable to interview the coach. You should ask potential coaches about their philosophy and how they handle playing time.  More: Why Coaches Should Have a Parents Meeting

If your young athletes are already part of a team, but don't seem happy with the coach, you need to do some research. Gently ask your kids questions about how the coaches treat the team and watch carefully for how they react.

You might ask other parents what they've seen or heard. Attend games and practices and keep a lookout for signs of yelling, intimidation or physical bullying. Some coaches, for example, will throw balls at kids in an effort to scare them. This shouldn't be tolerated

If you see or hear about a coach who yells at, intimidates or insults kids, you should take action. If you merely sit back and complain, you're part of the problem. Instead, you need to begin by talking to the coach. You can gently suggest that his or her behavior may hurt kids' confidence or self-esteem.

In some cases, you may find that you can't change the coach's behavior. If this happens, you should try talking to a league or school administrator who oversees the coach. If that isn't helpful, consider moving your child to a different coach or team. Staying with the same coach will likely increase your kids' anxiety and hurt their athletic performance and confidence—at a minimum.  More: How to Keep a Strong Parent-Coach Relationship

Award-winning parenting writer Lisa Cohn and Youth Sports Psychology expert Dr. Patrick Cohn are co-founders of The Ultimate Sports Parent. Pick up their free e-book, "Ten Tips to Improve Confidence and Success in Young Athletes" by visiting

What Makes A Nightmare Sports Parent -- And What Makes A Great One

Hundreds of college athletes were asked to think back: "What is your worst memory from playing youth and high school sports?" Their overwhelming response: "The ride home from games with my parents."

With the new baseball and softball season fast approaching, we would like to share with you the following article published on the website " The Post Game." Take a minute and click on the following link: and see if what type of Little League parent you are?

Teaching Life's Lessons

Little League On-Line offers monthly newsletters on safety, coaching, umpiring and general little league issues. From time to time we will share articles that we think would be good for everyone in Distict 33 to read. In the March 2012 newsletter "Fair Ball"  is an article written by Bill Carter, Western Region Umpire in Chief, titled "Teaching Lifes Lessons."  Please take a moment and click on the following link to read Bill's article:


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