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Friday, February 5
NC State Softball Tournament

The 2010 Dixie State Tournament to be held in Cherryville, NC

Let's try to recruit some of League players back to our Leagues.We are losing a tremendous amount of players to weekend travel ball, maybe as leagues we can stop some of this. Let's try to offer both to our youth. I heard some comments on only playing the younger kids on the weekends, this would allow the older travel players to participate in both the Rec leagues during the week and also play travel ball on the weekends. Just a thought, I know this would be difficult for those leagues that only play on the weekends, but maybe some of you would have some helpful suggestions on this matter. If so please feel free to contact me at  Jeff Adams 704-913-3299, I think this can only make our Leagues and District stronger for the future of Dixie Softball.