Diamond Yards Engraved Bricks: Brick Colors and Prices

Diamond Yards Engraved Brick Prices
At Diamond Yards Engraved Bricks we strive to help everyone raise substanial funds with thier Engraved Brick Projects. Our staff free of charge will create an order form for your group to use customized with your school or team or other logos on them. Listed Below are our prices for the 2016 year. If you have any questions please feel free to call 812-430-2725

All listed pricing includes engraving, taxes and the cost of the brick itself. All orders must be paid upfront before they go into production unless arrangements have been made. Diamond Yards Engraved Bricks will be delivered to your front door!!!!!!!!

Brick Prices
4 by 8 engraved brick w logo & 2 lines or no logo & 3 lines = $18
8 by 8 engraved brick = with 4 lines and Logo or 5 lines & no logo = $30
* Orders leaving the US are subject to shipping charges based on the current market at the time of shipping!

Individualized Bricks

4 by 8 with 3 lines or 2 lines & logo =
$30 per brick

8 by 8 with 4 lines & logo =
$50 per brick

plus shipping and handeling on Indvidual Brick orders

Brick Colors
Smooth Top Beveled edge bricks

Red and Cardinal Red (Maroon)

Rough Top wire cut bricks

Beveled, Straight Edge or with lugs
(8 by 8) come only with out lugs

Red and Cardinal (Maroon)