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Holts Summit Local Weather
Diamond Wildcats
Darrell Hiatte
Holts Summit, Missouri


and Welcome to the website of the 16U Diamond Wildcats,


The site contains information about the Diamond Wildcats, including our Roster, Picture Gallery, Team Purpose, History, Highlights, Softball News, Softball Sites, ASA Team Sites, Inspirational, Quotes, Rule Changes, and bios of our coaches.   The Wildcats are a  16U "A" team who play ASA and USSSA tournaments. 


The Diamond Wildcats are based around Jefferson City, Missouri.  The team was organized to provide young ladies an opportunity to compete against the best girls fast pitch competition.  The players must demonstrate a love of the game while having the desire, dedication, and commitment to achieve the most from their ability.  The team strives to demonstrate sportsmanship, respect, and humility during both wins and losses. 


The Wildcat coaches provide a learning environment where players are instructed and shown proper technique while being challenged to improve.  The goal of the coaching staff is for each player to improve through each practice drill, practice, inning, and game with season goals taking care of themselves.  


Sunday, July 31
2017 Diamond Wildcats

We're looking for one top player to complete our roster.  Please contact Darrell concerning an individual tryout. 

 Committed players for the 2017 Diamond Wildcats are Sophia Carr, Rylee Hagens, Mychael Jett, Kaitlyn Kolb, Alyssa Perry, Abbi Pringer, Chloe Simon, Emily Thompson, Presley Welch, and Taylor Woehr

Coaches Darrell Kolb, Darrell Hiatte, and Keith Welch


Wednesday, July 20
Tryouts -16U "A" Diamond Wildcats for the 2017 season

The Diamond Wildcats Softball are looking for one top player.  For more information, please contact Darrell Hiatte.


Phone 573 896-5566,

or checkout website,

 The Diamond Wildcats are a competitive “A” fastpitch softball team who play ASA and USSSA tournaments.  Playing time is earned based upon play in practice and games. The Wildcats carry a roster of 10-11 players.  

 The Wildcats tournament schedule will include locations in Missouri and Kansas.  Typically, the season includes 50% of the tournaments in Columbia, Jefferson City, or a central Missouri area town so hotel stays aren’t required (depending on your home location). 

  The 16U Diamond Wildcats will begin practice January 2017 with pitching/catching practices starting in January with team practices beginning in February 2017.  We will practice 1-2 times weekly. The majority of our practices will be held in the Jefferson City area. We will start playing in April, playing 3-4 tournaments prior to Memorial Day, In June and July the team will play 6-7 tournaments (until end of July which is dependent on the date of our last tournament). The Wildcats will play approximately 12-13 tournaments during the 2017 summer season.   The 2017 Diamond Wildcats coaches are Darrell Kolb, Kieth Welch and Darrell Hiatte.  Coach Hiatte has over 30 years of coaching experience and was inducted into the Missouri ASA Hall of Fame in February 2014.

The Diamond Wildcat players all have aspirations of playing college softball.   In 2017, the Wildcats will create player profiles for each player based on information requested from each player.  The profiles will be combined with other information into a team packet which will be sent to over 35 NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II, and NAIA schools.  In 2017, the Diamond Wildcats will play a challenging schedule including college exposure tournaments.  Through the years over sixty Diamond Wildcat's players have signed to play collegiate softball.

  Each season, the players are given Offensive and Defensive Signs which include Defensive Coverages (e.g. relays/cuts, bunt coverages), Pitch Calling Signs, etc..  In addition, the team provides rosters with parent names, players name, phone numbers along with wallet sized phone card with cell numbers for parents and players.   The team provides some basic ASA Rules which are the rules every player needs to know and understand.  The team also provides each player with Baserunning Rules.

All practices are organized with a written practice plan and have multiple stations.   The Wildcats will develop a softball schedule based on player availability.   After the schedule is developed the team will block rooms where hotel stays are required (parents responsible for transferring room to CC).  The printed schedules will be given to all players and will include hotel information (hotel, phone number, location, etc.), Softball Complex, Tournament Days, Type of tournament, and City hosting the tournament.

 Please note, if playing high school softball, players can attend a tryout however with prior approval of a high school administrator.  In addition, one day, one-time team tryout on a day where the high school team doesn't practice or play.  Below are the high school rules concerning tryouts.

3.13.2 Organized Non-School Competition: Athletic competition shall be considered “organized” if any of the following conditions exist: Competition is scheduled and publicized in advance, official score is kept, individual or team standings are maintained, official timer or game officials are used, admission is charged, teams are regularly formed or team rosters are predetermined, team members are dressed in team uniforms or a team is privately or commercially-sponsored. Further, competition which is either directly or indirectly sponsored, promoted or administered by an individual, organization, or any other agency shall be considered organized.

  a. Same Season/Same Sport: A student shall neither practice nor compete as a member of a non-school team or as an individual participant in organized non-school competition in that same sport, except as provided for specifically below.


1. Fall Non-School Competition Exception: For fall sports, non-school competition may continue until the Tuesday following Labor Day, with prior approval by a school administrator. In order to remain eligible under this exception to the non-school competition rule, the student must join the team at the start of the season and attend all scheduled school practices and contests, unless attending a non-school competition with prior approval by a school administrator. Absences not related to non-school competition will be handled locally.


4.         Non-School Team Tryout: With prior approval by a school administrator, a student may participate in a one-day, one-time non-school team tryout provided the tryouts are held on a day the students do not practice or play for the school team and provided the tryout is exclusively an experience in which a student is tested and screened for ability and placement on a roster and does not include any instruction, coaching, practice, workout, etc. Students may not participate in any game competition or scrimmages for the non-school team until after the high school team has completed its season by playing its last contest. Any non-school team tryout is limited to one day.


Saturday, February 8
Coach Hiatte inducted into Missouri ASA Hall of Fame

The Missouri ASA 28th Annual Awards banquet was held on February 8, 2014 in Linn Creek at the Seven Springs Winery.   A special thanks to Terry Beas and the Missouri ASA for a great evening and this great honor.  A special thanks to Diamond Wildcats attending, Lynette Hiatte (wife), coaches Glen Propst, Craig Schulte (and Ronette), Amy Miller (and Jason), Keith Welch and former players Kendra Crum (Propst), Tara Bishop (Schulte), Paxton Welch, and Amy Miller.  A great night talking softball.


Sunday, July 24
2016 Diamond Wildcats Season Recap

In 2016, the Wildcats played 68 games and had 41 wins and 27 losses playing 14u "A" in the higher caliber tournaments.  In local tournaments, the Wildcats played 16u or 18u to get tougher competition and that paid great dividends in the development of the team.  

In the early season, the Wildcats placed 2nd in the 3N2 Tournament while playing 16u Open, won their pool in the KC ASA Metro tournament going 5-1 before losing in the 3rd round of bracket play.  

In their last three tournaments prior to the Heartland World Series, the Wildcats placed 2nd in the ASA Summer Crush Tournament playing 16u open, placed 2nd in the 16u Missouri ASA tournament, and finished 1st in the Summer Sizzle tournament in Linn Creek.

   In the 2016 Heartland World Series, the Wildcats won their pool going 4-1, beating both the eventual champion and second place finishers in the Heartland World Series and finished the tournament in 3rd place to highlight another successful season for the Wildcats. 


Monday, August 17
2017 Diamond Wildcats - High School Players and Team Schedules

Kaitlyn Kolb, Blair Oaks Falcons, Varsity and JV Schedule 

Mychael Jett, Jefferson City Jays, Varsity Schedule and JV Schedule

Chloe Simon, Rock Bridge, Varsity and JV Schedule

Sophia Carr, Abbi Pringer and Taylor Woehr, Helias Crusaders, Varsity and JV Schedule

Presley Welch, Calvary Lutheran,  Varsity and JV Schedule


Saturday, January 31
2017 ASA/USA National Championship Finals






7/31 to 8/07/17

10-U “A” Fast Pitch

         Findlay, Ohio


7/31 to 8/07/17

12U "A" Fast Pitch

     Dallas, Texas


7/30 to 8/07/17

14U "A" Fast Pitch

     Chattanooga, Tennessee


      7/30 to 8/06/17

16-U “A” Fast Pitch

           Normal, Illinois


   8/1 to 8/07/17

18-U “A” Fast Pitch

      Salem, Oregon



2017 ASA Northern Nationals






   8/3 to 8/6/2017

12U "A" Fast Pitch

   Bloomington, Indiana


   8/2 to 8/6/2017

14-U "A" Fast Pitch

St. Ann, Missouri


      7/27 to 7/30/2017

16-U “A” Fast Pitch

Rochester, Minnesota




Friday, August 2
Check out the Diamond Wildcats Facebook page

Special Thanks to our Sponsors!!!


Please visit our sponsors page. These great sponsors help the Diamond Wildcats softball team play competitive fast pitch softball. These businesses/friends provide funds to purchase uniforms, tournament entry fees, league fees, and equipment.

Great Quotes


"You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them." Michael Jordan


"Ability is what you're capable of doing.  Motivation determines what you do.  Attitude determines how well you do it." Lou Holtz


"The moment we break faith with one another, the sea engulfs us and the light goes out.",
James Baldwin.

"It's what you learn after you know it all that counts.", John Wooden, great UCLA basketball coach.

"I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it. ", Thomas Jefferson, US President

"It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.", Archie Griffen, great Ohio State running back.

"Cry when your leg falls off. Cry when your mother dies. Cry when you get married. But don't cry because you went 0 for 4 in a stupid softball game, Let's put this in perspective: It's just softball.", Sue Enquist, UCLA Head Softball Coach


 "It's not whether you get knocked down; it's whether you get up." Packers Coach, Vince Lombardi



"We didn't lose the game; we just ran out of time. " Packers Coach Vince Lombardi  

"Losers quit when they're tired. Winners quit when they've won." Unknown author



Diamond Wildcats
Diamond Wildcats
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