Brian Derby's Offensive Linemen Camp: References for Coach Derby

Monday, July 6
Coach Derby helped me be a State Champion

"The Derby Camp was a great experience and taught me how to play on the Offensive line. Brian Derby ...

Tuesday, April 18
Oregon Great Willie Brock Recommends Derby Camp

March 21, 2006

Dear Coaches and Directors,

          I would like to introduce myself. My name is Willie Brock. I was an All State offensive lineman at Jesuit High School in 1972. I was the Junior  College All- American Center at Mt. Hood Community College in 1973. I played Guard and Center at The University of Colorado from 1974-1978. I played in the Astro Blue Bonnet Bowl and the Orange Bowl while in college. I was a draft selection in 1978 to the Kansas City Chiefs and played that season for the Detroit Lions.

          I have been involved in a number of football camps over the years. I have never been more excited or impressed with the camp that has been brought to our area. It is the Brian Derby Offensive Line Camp. I worked with Brian last year at the inaugural camp. I was very impressed with the way Brian worked with the kids and his teaching philosophy. This camp would be very beneficial to you and your football team this year and for the years to come. I believe that the core of any football team starts with the play of the offensive line. This camp is a perfect fit for your offensive line to learn and have proper techniques reemphasized early in the summer so they can work on them throughout the summer and be prepared for the start of your camps and the season. I would strongly recommend this camp to your entire offensive line.

          I will be working this camp again this summer with Brian and his staff. I hope to see your players participate in this year’s camp and benefit from Brian’s years of experience working with offensive linemen, exclusively. I wish each of you the best of luck in the upcoming season and hope you all achieve what you strive for.

Best Regards,

Willie Brock      

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