Brian Derby's Offensive Linemen Camp: Links

Just Win Football Camp
Get to Just Win! It is a Great Camp!!

Oregon S.A.
Oregon Sports Authority
A great Supporter of Sports in Oregon and The Derby Camp. Check out their Website!

Stretch Matt James
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Speed Kills: Matt James Velocity Sports; Hillsboro
Personal Speed and Fitness Trainer will be coming to our Camps this Summer in Portland Oregon and so it makes a lot of sense for those of you interested to read an article about one of the Premier Speed, Agility and Quickness guys around from the all new Velocity Sports in Hillsboro! (

College Football Conferences
Ever wanted to know every Division and League out there? Well check this link out!

SPARQ: Do you know how you rate?
If you have not heard of SPARQ you will.   This is a new rating system being promoted by NIKE and others to become the standard by which players are rated coming into the College recruitment process.   Find out about SPARQ here.

Evaluating Offensive Linemen
A Great Article BY the Line Coach at ARMY:
By Harold Etheridge
Offensive Line Coach, Army

Drill diagram
Best Move Drill and more
Offensive Line Drills: General Drills
Here is a great tip to the e-teamz section where some of our visiting coaches call out some of their favorite line drills.   

Hawaii On the Map for Football
A great article about Hawaii and it's growing position as one of the Top areas in the World for putting out Superb Football Players.

Football and Rubber Bands
This is a good basic article about the use of Bands in Football Training. Something we have found very effective

Helping Athletes Succeed
Pacific Athletic Alliance
Aloha, Talofa & E Komo Mai,

Hello and welcome to the most comprehensive website for Hawaii and American Samoa high school student athletes. If you have decided that it is important to you or your child to attend college and you have concerns about how to cover the ever rising college costs, this website will help put you on the right track. Much of the information is relevant to athletes and non-athletes alike.

Officiating Site
Official Discussion about Holding
This was a good forum discussion from actual referees about what constitutes holding and what does not. A good article for those that want to get a first hand account of why you are gonna get the call.

Football Means Community in Hawaii
A great article about why Community Involvement and a sense of Community go Hand in Hand with Football.

NIke Grid Iron
LT at Work Outs
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This is a great place to check out drills and tips.   Look under the SPARQ area and you will be able to watch specific drills by position.   This is best watched if you have a high speed internet connection.   Official site of Nike Grid Iron Football.

Hawaii High School Sports
A great Website for all high school sports in Hawaii... This is the Site!

Sports Hawaii
Sports From UH and Beyond
A really cool place to check out the Warriors and so Much More!

Line Warriors Blog
Ok so you want to post some info or find out about what's happening with Linemen from our camps? Get into the Blog at

Anything you want to report giev it up here!

Just Win
Maui Camp 2005 Link
Maui Combine and SAT Camp coming in July 2005
This is a great Camp and Combine being held by our friends at and J.W. Kenton. Check out the website and be ready to attend this great event.   Brian Derby will be at the camp working with the staff there.   Good Luck Guys and have a great Camp Week.