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Thursday, October 20


Denton Little League is an organization operated 100% by its volunteers. With 198 youth participating last season, there's a strong desire in our community to have our children play teeball, baseball, and softball. To be successful as a league, we need adults who are willing to volunteer for Board Member positions as well as managers, coaches, umpires, concession helpers, field maintenance, committee members to assist with opening day and other events, and various other volunteering opportunities. 

We are especially seeking out volunteers to serve as board members in the roles of President, Secretary, Treasurer, Coach Coordinator, Vice President of Baseball, Fundraising Coordinator, and Sponsorship Coordinator. You need not have children involved in the league to be a member of Denton Little League. If you have any interest or know of anyone interested in volunteering as a board member or in any other capacity, please share this and join us for our public meeting on Monday, November 14th at 7:00 pm at St. Luke's United Methodist Church.  Without additional volunteers, Denton Little League will not exist in 2017.

We need your time and energy as volunteers in order to keep Denton Little League thriving for the children in our community. We appreciate all that you do and we can't continue to provide this opportunity successfully without your help. Thank you to all who have supported Denton Little League programs as parents, residents, volunteers and fans.

To learn more about the different roles, please follow this link

We are also currently seeking bids for concession operations at Lockerman Middle and Denton Lions Field  for the upcoming season. Interested persons/parties must be licensed and have their own insurance. Please submit bids to by Friday, November 18th.

If you have any questions, please submit inquiries to



 Dear DLL Friends and Families,

As we wrap up the 2016 regular season, we'd love to hear from you.Please take a moment at your earliest convenience to complete the survey from the link below  so we can review and improve upon the program. The survey will close on Saturday, July 2nd.

DLL 2016 Season Survey

Thank you,

Denton Little League Board




Please always check with your coaches for any changes in schedules. If you see game information that's missing or incorrect, please contact 

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