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Parents have a life lasting effect on their child's play.  Follow these simple guidelines when your child participates in any sporting activity.

Allow your child to be a child and let them enjoy the game. Show excitement for their involvement.  The fun lies in being able to play.  Encourage development over winning.  Support the entire team, not just your child and give praise to all of the players.  Let the players play and the coaches coach.  Do not instruct your child or other players during the game.  You will only confuse them.

Do not scold your child or other players during the game. You will only embarrass and demoralize them.  Learn the rules.

Let the umpires umpire. Yelling at the umpires does not provide anything positive and remember umpires are often young adults trying their best.  (Better yet,  volunteer to be an umpire.)

Be supportive of the coaches and volunteers. They have to deal with a lot of details that allow your child to play.  Pitch in without being asked. You will usually feel good about it. Help out with field preparation and scorekeeping.

Keep all your comments to your child and other players positive no matter what the score or how well they played.

Be aware of Rules, Regulations and Philosophy of Little League Baseball. Be a model of good sportsmanship. Flying off the handle at games or straining relations with coaches, umpires, or other parents creates a difficult situation for your child. Turn your child over to the coach at all practices and games.

Avoid interfering. Remember that the managers and coaches are all volunteers. Recognize that Little Leaguers are all children, not professional players, and need encouragement, not criticism. Applaud good plays. With errors, encouraging greater effort and initiative. Congratulate the winner and encourage the loser. Always practice and exemplify good sportsmanship and remember that children learn by example. Parents set the most powerful example. Be positive and let the children play. Enjoy the game for what it is … Little League.

Get all outstanding paperwork (i.e., birth certificates and medical release forms) in to your team's coach/manager right away. A player can not participate without a signed medical release form. 

All fees should be mailed to:
Delray Beach American Little League
1101 NW 2nd Street
Delray Beach, FL 33444

ALCOHOL & TOBACCO PRODUCTS: Use of these products are prohibited by all volunteers as per Little League Rules & Regulations while at the park on duty.  Please refrain from using these products near the dugouts and/or the playing fields. Thank you.

Handout: Volunteer Information and Forms

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