Delaware Vipers: Welcome

Wednesday, April 20
Delaware Vipers Baseball Academy


Thursday, October 29
The Dreaded COWBELL!!


Oh that dreaded cowbell. Opposing teams and parents hate the cowbell or should I say envy the cowbell.  They want to be unique like the Vipers! They chant and mimick the cowbell's ring....."why don't you ring the cowbell now" they say.  Sometimes we grant them their wish and ring for them other times we tell them to get their own Cowbell!

 Next time you come see the Vipers play...listen for the Cowbell....clingaling clingaling!

Wednesday, December 2
New Sponsor

The Delaware Vipers would like to thank California Sun for their generous sponsorship. Please be sure to stop out to see them! Information is located below and on our sponsor page. 


California Sun 


Tanning Sophistication



Suite 670- Newark, DE

302-832-5515 -

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