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Deer Park Little League

Welcome to the Home of Deer Park Little League, a chartered member of Little League Baseball and proud member of The Future Astros Program. We welcome participation of boys and girls ages 4 - 12. Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that your experience is enjoyable. 


Friday, March 21
Important Information


DPLL Astros Game Day 4/27/2014

All Order Forms and Money need to be turned in tonight from 5:45 to 6:45pm at the DPLL batting cages.  Kathy Roessler will be there waiting.  Don't miss out on this fun opportunity!


Monday, April 7
2014 Raffle Ticket Winners

1st Place - 55" TV  Rocky George- ticket sold by Timothy Wynn (Majors)

2nd Place- iPad Mini Lanea Adkins- ticket sold by Jeremy Adkins (T-Ball) 

3rd Place- $300  Oscar A.- Ticket sold by Rudy Fuentes (Major )

Winners of Free 2015 Registration

Timothy Wynn (Majors)

Jeremy Adkins (T-Ball)

Rudy Fuentes (Majors)

Dylan Mc Coy (Majors) 

Joushua Rivera (T-Ball)


Wednesday, January 18
Little League - Significant Policy, Rule, and Regulation Changes for 2012

Please click the link above to see all of the changes for 2012.

Two major changes in league play for 2012 you should be aware of:

Rule 6.06(d) in the Baseball Rule Book has been amended to read:

A batter is out for illegal action when - (d) The batter enters the batter’s box with one or both feet entirely on the ground with an illegal bat (see bat specifications rule 1.10) or is discovered having used an illegal bat prior to the next player entering the batter’s box.Note: If the infraction is discovered before the next player enters the batter’s box following the turn at bat of the player who used an illegal bat: 1) The manager of the defense may advise the plate umpire of a decision to decline the penalty and accept the play. Such election shall be made immediately at the end of the play. 2) For the first violation, the offensive team will lose one eligible adult base coach for the duration of the game. 3) For the second violation, the manager of the team will be ejected from the game. Any subsequent violation will result in the newly designated manager being ejected.


Tournament Rule 3 in the Baseball Rule Book has been amended to read, in part:

NOTE: In the 10-11 Tournament Division, the batter may advance on a dropped third strike (6.09(b)). These rules will not apply for the 9-10 Tournament Division.

Summary and Implementation: For the 2012 International Tournament, the 10-11 Year Old Tournament Division players may advance on a dropped third strike.

Thursday, February 27
Reporting Scores

Managers please report all game scores to the following email address. 

Monday, February 24
Opening Day

Thanks to all our volunteers that made Opening Day a success.  Good luck this season and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask a board member.

If you pre-ordered merchandise at registration and didn't pick it up saturday, please ask a board member on duty to get it for you. 

Thursday, September 5
District 17 Chapions

Hats off to the following District 17 Champions:

Great job by our players and coaches


4 Year-OldTBall Deer Park Little League

6 Year-Old Pitching Machine Deer Park Little League

9 Year-Old Pitching Machine Deer Park Little League

10 Year-Old Live Arm Deer Park Little League


Wednesday, June 5
HFD Firefighters

It is with honor Deer Park Little League will be collecting funds for the Houston Fire Department families of those that were injured and lost last week.  There are many hospital bills, funeral costs, etc. that these families are facing on top of the loss of loved ones and the rehab of those injured.  Please donate tonight at the fields what you can either to the concession stand or when the helmet comes to your bleachers.  All the little leagues in our district are participating and I would love for Deer Park to show their love of our community and for those that risk their lives by donating the most.  Please contact me if you have any questions or need to get with me to turn in your donation.  Also I ask that you pass this on to all your family and friends. 
Katherine Roessler- wife of an HFD firefighter/paramedic
DPLL President

Thursday, May 23
All Stars

Follow your DPLL All Star Teams here.  Check back for game times and locations and come cheer them on!