Davis Motorsports: Scott and Brad Davis

3 Scott and Brad Davis
Position: Driver/Owner
Brad and Scott are both co-owners of the Davis Motorsports 360 Sprint Car racing team. The team was established March of 2002. . In 2002 Brad and Scott purchased the 360 sprint car invisioning that with some help They could produce a winning 360 Sprint Car team.
Brad is the mechanical technition for the Chittenago Travel Plaza owned by Host Marriot for over 20 years. In his spare time he has been a part of several winning race teams, as well as driver in the late 60's and the early 70's. Since Brad has been around racing for over 20 years he has became friends with several owners and drivers. He has learned and grown into the sport of the Sprint Car and the community in and out of the pits, at all the local races.
Scott is a Gas Turbine Mechanic for the United States Navy. Scott has also turned his knowledge of mechanical systems and his understanding of mechanical engineering over to their race team. Scott has been around many different types of dirt race cars over the past years. He has also become one of the youngest drivers to take the track in the Central NY area in 2003, racing in the Fonda Speedway open 360 Sprint Car shootout where he finished 15.
As you can see by the above, both Brad and Scott's professional backgrounds demonstrate versatility and the aptitude to accept responsibility. Their professionalism can lend any project the respect, and exposure rarely attained by many teams. Both are enthusiastic and articulate with a work ethic that requires they do not give up until their goals are reached. Combined with their highly motivated work styles this leads them to believe that forming Davis Motorsports, is not only an exceptional opportunity for them.